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School of Law

Dr Leonidas K Cheliotis' edited collection is published: 'Roots, Rites and Sites of Resistance: The Banality of Good'

Dr Leonidas Cheliotis is Lecturer in Criminology and Deputy Director of the Criminal Justice Centre at Queen Mary, University of London.


Whilst the condition of a damaged ethical life has received due scholarly attention to date, only rarely is resistance to it conceived as an actual possibility with the potential of real effects on a macro-social scale. This is not just a curious lacuna in the literature. To ignore or miss concrete possibilities or even instances of resistance is to reinforce the apparent naturalness and inevitability of structures of injustice. The aim of this edited collection is to help address this epistemological neglect, exploring the multiplicity of motives, presuppositions, sites, ways, and consequences of acts of resistance. As shown in the ensuing contributions, resistance can be recalcitrant or transformative in its aims, discursive or physical in its means, and local or generalized in its loci. If there is a single argument that can be distilled, it is that the emergence of progressive resistance entails the incessant rational critique of so-styled 'common sense' and prevalent ethical claims - a process which could be called 'the banality of good'.

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