School of Law

Labour Market Vulnerability, Precarious Work and Migrant Workers in the Economic Downturn

16 November 2011

Time: 9:30am - 5:00pm
Venue: Colette Bowe Room, Queens Building, Queen Mary, Mile End campus

Promoting Equality and Diversity through Economic Crisis (PEDEC) Workshop 3

Convenors: Al James and Kate Malleson

Core focus:

What are the major labour market consequences of the current economic crisis for low-waged workers and their families?

In what ways have recent waves of corporate restructuring in response to the economic downturn generated new patterns of social and spatial vulnerability amongst low-waged workers, or else reinforced long-standing inequalities?

To what extent have recent legislative changes around immigration, citizenship and welfare entitlements exacerbated or reduced the negative outcomes of the economic downturn for migrant workers in the UK (e.g. labour market racism, competition for jobs with UK nationals)?

For full details of this event and the event output (including podcasts) visit the PEDEC website.