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School of Law

International Dialogue on Criminal Law

When: Friday, November 26, 2021, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Where: Online,

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International Dialogue on Criminal law between Queen Mary University of London and the University of Buenos Aires. Please join us for a two days session on the Friday 19 November and Friday 26 November, 2-4pm UK time, where Queen Mary and UBA will discuss issues regarding criminal law research and practice that are of mutual interest. The first day will host professors and researchers from both universities discussing their work, and the second day will host PhD candidates from both institutions presenting their research projects.

19 November, 2-4pm


  • White collar crimes in South America and Europe. Between globalization and Americanization. Diego Zysman, Faculty of Law (UBA)
  • Crossroads between transitional justice and the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Natalia Barbero, Faculty of Law (UBA)
  • International police cooperation and the globalization of international standards of intervention. Saskia Hufnagel, Queen Mary University of London
  • The preventive paradigm in the globalization of criminal law, with an eye on the criminalization of terrorism and organized crime. Valsamis Mitsilegas, Queen Mary University of London

Coordinator: Federico Rodríguez Ovide

26 November, 2-4pm


  • Provocators and self-defense: between responsibility and distributive justice. PhD candidate Leandro Dias, Faculty of Law (UBA)
  • Ne bis in idem and remand judgment, a comparative approach between common law and continental law. Nicolás Vargas, Faculty of Law (UBA)
  • Criminal networks and the figure of the mediator. Santiago Wortman Jofré, Queen Mary University of London
  • The regulation of deepfakes. Clementina Salvi, Queen Mary University of London

Coordinator: Daniela Sodini