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CW Legal Briefing – Part 2: 'The upcoming Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court: opportunities, threats and what should my business be doing now to prepare?'

1 July 2015

Time: 2:30 - 5:00pm
Venue: Campus London, 4-5 Bonhill St, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4BX


Led by CW Legal Special Interest Group (SIG) Champion organisation qLegal, Queen Mary University of London, this dynamic event taking place at Campus London, will expand upon these topics to teach entrepreneurs and start-ups about core legal issues that affect small businesses.

You may be asking yourself whether your business needs to focus on the new patent reforms at this point? Aren’t they still only proposals which may never be implemented? Can’t we wait until we are much closer to the unitary patents becoming available and the Unified Patent Court opening for business? In association with Eversheds, this timely London event will bring top legal experts to examine Unitary Patents and Unified Patent Court from a business perspective and to facilitate informal group discussions.

This highly-focused event offers a comprehensive insight into reality being shaped by the following:

  • The proposed reforms are the biggest upheaval in the patent system in a generation. They have significant implications for your long-term business planning, including your patent filing strategy, CAPEX decisions on the location of manufacturing or distribution facilities, and your key business contracts. This means your preparation needs to start now;
  • The Unified Patent Court could be up and running as soon as Q4 2016, allowing you to exclude infringing competitors from the majority of the EU market in a single court action. Or to revoke their patent protection for a key invention across the EU in a single action. Conversely, an incoming action poses a similar risk for your business;
  • Long-awaited key information about the costs (renewal fees, court fees and opt-out fees) is due to become available shortly before this session;

Join us and hear from industry experts in the Wireless sector on how their businesses are preparing for these reforms, learn about a 5-step checklist your business can follow now to optimize its position, share your comments and ideas, and debate the new patenting landscape in the EU.


  • Anne McAleer, Patent Manager at CSR
  • Laura Daly, Patent Attorney from ARM

The Legal SIG is championed by Professor Ian Walden of qLegal, Phil David of ARM, Tracey Sheehan of Taylor Wessing and Anthony Waller of Olswang.

How to book

This event is free to attend. Register via the Cambridge Wireless website.

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