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Legal Advice Centre

Refugee Law Clinic

The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre collaboration with the University of London Refugee Law Clinic.

The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre collaborates with the University of London Refugee Law Clinic each academic year.  As one of ten participating universities, and two law firms, the QMLAC place five students at the Refugee Law Clinic. 

Students work on live cases in small groups, alongside volunteer lawyers from commercial law firms, and under the direct supervision of a supervising lawyer from the Refugee Law Clinic. The primary focus of the clinic is submitting fresh claims, based on changing circumstances or new evidence, for asylum seekers who have exhausted all appeal rights.  

Students are trained in the relevant law and policy, as well as a range of other areas such as practical skills, ethics, and professional responsibilities. They are involved in working on the various aspects of preparing submissions, including:

  • research,
  • evidence gathering,  
  • drafting submissions,
  • interviewing clients,
  • taking witness statements, and,
  • reviewing past decisions.

If you are a Queen Mary Law student keen to participate look out each spring for when the QMLAC advertise this opportunity to students.  

If you are seeking assistance from the University of London Refugee Clinic, please contact the clinic directly at:

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