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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Doctoral programmes

Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Science

A group of students looking over some dataHealth data in practice: human-centred science

Our Wellcome-funded doctoral training programme applies human-centred data science to health and care data, and will introduce you to a wider context for your science, enabling you to draw on concepts, disciplines and methods underpinning algorithmic designs, sensing and data capture, human-interactions, evaluation and decision-making, in real-world settings. You will develop as a future scientific leader able to apply interdisciplinary perspectives to your research and realise the potential of innovations in health data science for the benefit of patients, the public, health care systems, and society.

Other PhD projects

Below is a list of current supervisors for PhD projects within the Institute:

  • Amaefule, Esther
  • Ayed, Nadia
  • Balaji, Aparna
  • Bolou, Angeliki
  • Calderón, Sara
  • Conneely, Maev
  • Daru, Jahn
  • Dilgul, Merve
  • Eddy, Saskia
  • Firman, Nicola
  • French, Caroline
  • Hamilton, Adela
  • Hogger, Lucie
  • Holt, Hayley
  • Kahan, Brennan
  • Madhvani, Krupa
  • Marleen, Shemoon
  • Marlin, Nadine
  • McKibben, Shauna
  • Mosler, Frizzi
  • Nickolls, Beverley
  • Nyato, Daniel
  • Plunkett, Austin
  • Pundir, Jyotsna
  • Rajabzadeh, Vian
  • Rotulo, Arianna
  • Sabitova, Alina
  • Skene, Imogen
  • Stefanidis, Christos
  • Tan, Alex
  • Windle, Emma