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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Sally Kerry


Reader in Medical Statistics

Telephone: 020 7882 7208


Sally Kerry joined the Pragmatic Clinical Trails Unit in 2010 as a senior statistician and methodologist.  She has extensive experience in cluster randomised trials as well as other pragmatic trials, and is particularly interested in recruitment methods, and the contribution of poor recruitment to generalisability, bias and time delays. She was trial statistician of the PACE-Up trial which showed that a simple walking led to  long-term health benefits for the participants four years later.

Sally studied Mathematics and Statistics at Reading University and Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In 1991 she joined the department of General Practice at St. George’s Hospital Medical School, as one of the first statisticians to specialise in primary care. During this time she developed an interest in cluster randomised trials. Working with Professor Martin Bland, she wrote a series of statistics notes in the BMJ to provide researchers with accessible information and practical solutions to the issues of sample size and analysis.

She has collaborated on a number of randomised trials in primary care, both individually and cluster randomised and more recently the EPOCH, step wedged trial.

She has co-authored two books: ‘Presenting Statistics from Proposal to Publication’ with Janet Peacock, written to help researchers clearly present statistics in peer review publications, thesis and grant applications. ‘A Practical Guide to Cluster Randomised Trials in Health Services Research’ written with Sandra Eldridge.


MSc supervsision

Module organiser, epidemiology and statistics


Research Interests:

Sally’s main research interests are in the design of cluster randomised trials and improving the understanding and reporting of statistics among researchers.


Harris T, Limb ES, Hosking F, Carey I, Dewilde S, Furness C, Wahlich C, Ahmad S et al.(2019). Effect of pedometer-based walking interventions on long-term health outcomes: Prospective 4-year follow-up of two randomised controlled trials using routine primary care data. PLoS Medicine vol. 16, (6)

Peden CJ, Stephens T, Martin G, Kahan BC, Thomson A, Rivett K, Wells D, Richardson G et al.(2019). Effectiveness of a national quality improvement programme to improve survival after emergency abdominal surgery (EPOCH): a stepped-wedge cluster-randomised trial. The Lancet vol. 393, (10187) 2213-2221.

Harris T, Kerry SM, Limb ES, Furness C, Wahlich C, Victor CR, Iliffe S, Whincup PH et al.(2018). Physical activity levels in adults and older adults 3-4 years after pedometer-based walking interventions: Long-term follow-up of participants from two randomised controlled trials in UK primary care. PLoS Med vol. 15, (3)

Kerry SM, Morgan KE, Limb E, Cook DG, Furness C, Carey I, DeWilde S, Victor CR et al.(2018). Interpreting population reach of a large, successful physical activity trial delivered through primary care. BMC Public Health vol. 18, (1) 170-170.

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