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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Ms Meredith Hawking, MPH, BSc (Hons)


NIHR funded doctoral researcher Centre



Meredith holds a Master’s in Public Health from Cardiff University, and a Human Sciences undergraduate degree from the University of Sussex. Prior to joining the institute Meredith worked for the Public Health England Primary Care Unit as a research assistant on antimicrobial stewardship projects, with a focus on understanding public perceptions of infections and antibiotics, and designing and evaluating behaviour change interventions around antibiotic taking and prescribing.

Her current research explores cardiovascular disease: understanding patient narratives around atrial fibrillation and adherence to anticoagulation, and improving CVD risk communication in the NHS Health Check programme.


MBBS medical undergraduate teaching (Problem Based Learning: Human Sciences and Public Health).



Research Interests:

Meredith is an NIHR funded doctoral researcher with a background in public health and primary care research. Her research interests include illness narratives, patient experiences of and engagement with care, adherence to therapy and communication in clinical encounters.

Alongside her research roles she is experienced in patient involvement in research, and designing, implementing and evaluating public engagement initiatives, in collaboration with schools, festivals and the tourism sector. She currently acts as the PhD rep for the Centre of Primary Care and Public Health.

Doctoral Research: Investigating patients’ perspectives and adherence to anticoagulants for atrial fibrillation (AF).

Systematic review of the determinants of nonadherence to new, direct oral anticoagulants (NOACs). Prospero ID: CRD42016032961 

Patient narratives will be explored to understand the lived experience of AF, using a pluralistic, multi-layered approach to interpretation that combines thematic, structural and metaphorical analysis techniques.

Additionally, semi-structured interviews with a cohort of AF patients in the first 6 months of NOAC treatment will explore adherence behaviour in depth, using validated adherence and illness/ medication perception questionnaires to aid sampling and contextualise findings.

Funder: NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Curriers’ Company Millennium Healthcare Bursary


Enhancing diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease in Newham by integrated use of electronic health records.

Development and pilot evaluation of an interactive personalised patient cardiovascular disease ‘risk report’ which is embedded in the EMIS clinical system and used to guide consultation discussions and sign post to resources to promote behaviour change in NHS Health Checks. A randomised control trial with semi-structured interviews in practices in Newham Borough is ongoing.

Improving clinical and referral pathways in primary and secondary care, enhancing the diagnosis and management of CVD through the development of EMIS and Cerner referral templates and optimising clinical system communication.

Funder: UCLPartners


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