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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Dr Adele Galipo, PhD


Lecturer in Migration and Global Health



Adele Galipo is a social anthropologist working in the field of migration with an expertise in return. She has a PhD from the Department of Anthropology and Sociology of Development, Graduate Institute, Geneva (2014). Prior to joining Queen Mary, Adele has researched at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at University of Oxford and the Department of Social Science at UCL. Adele has several years of fieldwork experience working with migrants in East Africa and across Europe. She has authored Return Migration and Nation Building in Africa. Reframing the Somali Diaspora (Routledge) which recasts the idea of diaspora return and transnational ethnography in a more political light, showing how these returnees are both subject to and generative of important political conditions that are transforming their societies of origin. Adele has now joined Queen Mary as a Lecturer in Migration and Health. She is particularly interested in public health as a political field of action, involving complex forms of collaboration among governments, international organisations and NGOs.



  • Migrants, Inequality and the Cultural Politics of Health
  • Governance of Migration, Displacement and Healthcare


Research Interests:

Transnationalism and diasporas; return migration; anthropology of health; international development; gender; urban diversity; qualitative field methods; visual methods; Horn of Africa.

Research projects

My PhD addresses an important phenomenon currently going on in the Horn of Africa and specifically in Somaliland: the return of diasporas to undertake activities that contribute to the development of their country of origin. By providing an account of the experiences of Somali returnees, this work re-casts the idea of diaspora return and transnational ethnography in a more political light and questions the political consequences of migrants return, particularly in terms of how Somaliland is building itself as a nation-state.

My post-doctoral research is an ethnography of urban encounters in super-diverse contexts. Specifically, it explores everyday encounters across migrant communities that populate the neighbourhood of Shepherd’s Bush, in west London, and looks at the ways everyday practices are embedded into transnational dynamics. Theoretically, the project lies at the intersection of urban studies – particularly the recent diversity/convivial turn – and the transnationalism paradigm in migration studies. The underlined idea is to go beyond the methodological “neighbourhood-ism” of the diversity turn by introducing a transnational perspective that looks at the mobility of people and their complex transnational networks and see how this all plays out in everyday local practices.

More recently, I have been involved in a research project that looks at the ways in which local inhabitants of the Italian island of Lampedusa are dealing with both the ethical challenges of a global migration ‘crisis’ and the local struggles of their isolated community at the periphery of Europe. A film documentary titled 'CCÀ SEMU. Here we are, lives on hold in Lampedusa’ has been produced based on this research - Trailer:


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Franceschelli, M., and Galipò, A. (in press). Exploring practices of hospitality and hostility toward
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Galipo, A. (2016). Lo sviluppo della migrazione: uno sguardo etnografico alle pratiche di ritorno tra i
migranti somalilandesi. In Dopo la guerra: democrazia, sviluppo e migrazioni in Somalia, 1990-2010. Ciabarri, L. e Elia Vitturini.