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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Dr Doreen Montag, MA, DPhil


Non Clinical Lecturer In Global Public Health



Dr. Montag is a lecturer in Non-Clinical Global Public Health with almost 20 years of experience among indigenous and non-indigenous people in rural and urban areas of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon.  She received her DPhil in Anthropology from Oxford University. Her doctoral research, which was funded by the Radcliff-Brown Trust of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, the Bamborough Fund, the Linacre Trust Fund and the Peter Lienhardt Memorial Fund from the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Oxford University, is an ethnography of fever in the Peruvian Amazon. It focuses on how historical factors, embodied biopolitics, current environmental degradation and increase in emergence and re-emergence of infectious diseases impacts upon urban Shipibo-Konibo people’s experiences of fever.


Research Interests:

Dr. Montag’s first book Gesundheit und Krankheit im Urubamba-Tal / Peru, draws upon in-depth ethnographic research between 1996 and 2000 on political economic approaches to health care seeking in the district of Urubamba in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. Her comparative analysis of different stake holders’ experiences with Urubambinian medicine and biomedicine emphasises the complexity around medicine as a secondary resource in a civil war affected setting.

Dr Montag joined the Global Health Teaching team in November 2015.

Anthropology, global health, environmental governance, climate change, sustainable development, and public policy analysis, with a regional focus on the Amazon and Andes (Peru, Ecuador) and Mexico.



2002   Montag, Doreen. „Gesundheit und Krankheit im Urubamba-Tal / Peru. Die emische Kategorisierung von Krankheit als Determinante der Heilerwahl zwischen traditioneller und Biomedizin“. (Health and Illness in the Urubamba Valley/Peru) Lit-Verlag, Münster. 122 pages.

Edited Books:

2005     Hsu, Elisabeth and Doreen Montag.  “Medical Anthropology in Europe: Teaching and Doctoral Research.” Sean Kingston Publishing, Oxford. 111 pages

Other Publications

2018  Hamzah Hasyim,Afi Nursafingi, Ubydul Haque, Doreen Montag, David A. Groneberg, Meghnath Dhimal,Ulrich Kuch and Ruth Müller. 2018. Spatial modelling of malaria cases associated with environmental factors in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Malaria Journal201817:8

2017    Montag, Doreen, Kuch Ulrich, Rodriguez Lily, A and Ruth Mueller. Overview of the Panel on Biodiversity and Health under Climate Change. In Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (2017) Biodiversity and Climate Change: Contributions from Science to Policy for Sustainable Development. Technical Series No.89:91-108. (Eds L. Rodríguez & I. Anderson) Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal.

2017   Dhimal M, Dhimal ML, Karki KB, Montag D, Groneberg DA, Kuch U. Tracking Health-Related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nepal. J Health Soc Sci. 2017;2(2)

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2002 Montag, Doreen and Catherine Panter-Brick and Andrew Russel. “Anthropology and the Health of Populations – global trends and local contexts.” In:The British Journal of General Practice 52(481): 691.