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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Mrs Beverley Nickolls, B.A. (Hons) Oxon, MA


PhD Researcher



Bev gained a degree and Masters in English Language and Literature from St Anne’s Oxford in 1991. She first worked as a Hearing Therapist/Audiologist in the NHS including coordinating the training courses at the City Lit London and subsequently at the University of Bristol. Bev has since worked in a variety of health and community settings including as the ‘Bump to Baby’ Family Support Worker for a first wave Surestart Children’s Centre and Coordinator of Breastfeeding Peer Supporters in the local community as part of a North Somerset research project. She is also trained as a CAM practitioner. Alongside her professional roles she has undertaken a range of research-based postgraduate training including via the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR).  


Research Interests:

The title of Bev’s PhD is ‘Improving the efficiency and acceptability of Informed Consent for pragmatic trials of interventions to improve health’. Bev is interested in how to design trials that are more relevant, salient and inclusive for patient stakeholders and representative of the populations they serve. Her methodological interests are in innovative recruitment and informed consent processes and embedding clinical research into routine care. She is currently working on a scoping review of trials using cohorts and has an interest in the Trials within Cohorts (TwiCs) design ( as a means to create ‘learning health systems’.

PhD Supervisors:

Dr Clare Relton

Professor Sandra Eldridge


Research Groups:

Citizen Health Lab

Health Hawk



Nickolls, B. et al. (2021, February 8). Protocol for a scoping review of randomised controlled trials conducted using cohorts. Retrieved from

Relton C*, Nickolls B, Zwarenstein M, Hemken L, Uher R, Frobert O, Fibert P, Imran M, Kwakkenbos L, Thombs B. Review of use of the Trials within Cohorts (TwiCs) design approach. 5th International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference. Brighton, UK. October 6-9, 2019.*Oral presentation by Dr. Relton.

Nickolls B, Eldridge, S, Relton, C. The Informed Consent Project: Testing the efficiency and acceptability of standard vs staged approaches to Informed Consent in trials with usual care comparators. Trials Using Cohorts & Routine Health Data: International symposium on their Efficiency and Analysis. London, UK. May 15th, 2019