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The Future of Health: Queen Mary academic appears on BBC Radio 4 health programme.

Dr Jess Potter appeared on BBC Radio 4's, The Future of Health, in which she and a panel of other experts discussed the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global health and healthcare.

21 April 2020

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The immediate impact of the virus on global health is devastatingly clear. But it could also have far-reaching consequences for health in the UK and worldwide for years to come.

What long-term impact will the pandemic have on the NHS? What healthcare innovations will be accelerated by the virus? How will it change the way we tackle global health challenges - will we see increased co-operation? Or will it push countries towards a more insular approach? How will our medical supply chains change in the aftermath of the pandemic? Could this be an opportunity for major systemic change in global healthcare? And how should we build resilience to face health emergencies like this in the future?

To grapple with these questions and more, Mary Ann Sieghart is joined by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, former Medical Director of NHS England and Chair of Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust; Professor Devi Sridhar, Chair of Global Public Health at Edinburgh University; Professor Christopher Dye, leading epidemiologist and former Director of Strategy at the World Health Organisation; and Dr Jessica Potter, a specialist in respiratory medicine working on the frontline of the NHS’s coronavirus response.

You can listen to the programme here: