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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Recharting the History of Economic Thought – book launch

Kevin Deane (Centre for Global Health) has co-edited a new textbook on the History of Economic Thought with Elisa Van Waeyneberge (SOAS). 

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This ground-breaking textbook takes a thematic, rather than chronological approach, to the subject. Each chapter explores a different economic question, first by looking at how mainstream (neoclassical) economics would approach that question, before reviewing a range of other economic perspectives. The book uses the teaching of the history of economic thought as a way of introducing pluralist economics teaching, as well as enabling conversations with students

about some of the problems with neoclassical economics and to inspire critical reflection about the discipline.

Many of the authors are members of Reteaching Economics, an academic network that supports student campaigns for a pluralist economics education.

The launch will be online, on Wednesday 1st July, 4pm- See webinar link and book overview, with chapter list, for more information.