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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

BSc Global Health and BSc Global Health with Year Abroad


Course Structure:

The first year curriculum will provide you with an introduction to and foundation in a range of important disciplines, while developing your reading, analysis and research skills.

  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Basic Issues in Politics and Global Health
  • Introduction to Research, Writing and Analysis for Global Health
  • Introduction to Epidemiology and Statistics
  • Society, Medicine and Health
  • The International Politics of Global Health: An Introduction
  • Introduction to Health Economics
  • Global Worlds

Year 2 will see you apply the theories, methods, concepts, and approaches learnt in the preceding year to a set of health issues: maternal and child health, communicable diseases, and noncommunicable diseases. In addition, you will continue to develop your skills in research, writing, and analysis, as well as in epidemiology.

  • Communicable Diseases
  • Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Research, Writing and Analysis
  • Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition
  • Advanced Epidemiology and Statistics
  • Medicines and Pharmaceuticals
  • Elective 1*
  • Elective 2**

*In semester 1 choose from the following three modules- taught by the School of Geography

  • Geographies of Biomedicine OR Economic Geographies OR Society and Space

**In semester 2 choose from the following three modules:

  • Place, Space and Health Geographies OR Cultural Geographies OR Spaces of Uneven Development

Year 3 will introduce students to the topic area of health systems, and provide students with a set of optional modules. It will also include a compulsory ‘capstone’ module that provides advanced level, cross-disciplinary perspectives on evolving issues in the field and which will allow students to draw on the knowledge and skills they have acquired in considering problems and dilemmas in the global health arena from Years 1 and 2. Students will also undertake a dissertation and project with a public health organisation.

Compulsory modules:

  • Health Systems, Policy and Practice
  • Planetary Health and International Health Policy
  • Contemporary Issues in Global Health (renamed Managing Wicked Problems in Global Health for 2021-22
  • Public Health in Practice
  • Dissertation

Electives from:

  • Health Systems Theory and Political Economy
  • Global Health Law and Governance
  • Gender, Sexuality and Health
  • Globalisation and Contemporary Medical Ethics
  • Urbanism in Sub-Saharan Africa delivered by the School of Geography
  • Geographies of Nature - delivered by the School of Geography
  • Geopolitics post-9/11: War, Security, Economy - delivered by the School of Geography

Entry requirements:

A-level: ABB. A-Levels in Humanities, Social Sciences and Science subjects are considered. Excludes General Studies.

IB: 32 points overall with 6,5,5 from three Higher Level subjects.

BTEC: BTEC qualifications are not considered.

If you choose to undertake the BSc Global Health with Year Abroad degree, in your third year you will study Global Health related modules with one of our many international exchange partners. For more information about the Global Health study abroad options please visit the Global Opportunities pages.



Modules are assessed by coursework, presentations and written exams. You will work on an extended self-directed research project in your third year.

Please visit the Global Health Hub for more information on our activities.



Graduates from our Global Health BSc programme have gone on to work in an exciting, broad range of careers, including:

  • Public administration and policy (including the NHS graduate scheme and the Civil Service Fast stream)
  • on-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Graduate entry programmes, including medicine and law
  • Research and academia



Gursh Hayer, Global Health, 2019

Gursh Hayer testimonial

I really loved that the lecturers are all leading academics in their fields and were actively engaged in making a change. I found that this enabled me to ask more questions and learn more, but most importantly, this inspired me to become a more engaged citizen of the world and a critical thinker. Having wanted to study medicine since I was at school, I am off to study graduate entry medicine at the University of Warwick. I strongly believe that my degree in Global Health will help me to  become a better doctor: one that understands that health is more than a medical matter.



Marvellous Ugoji , BSs Global Health, 2018

Marvellous graduated from our Global Health programme and went into a health policy internship at global communications firm Edelman. Since then, she’s risen up the ranks and was recently promoted to the role of analyst/account manager. 

In her own words: