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London – Global city

London is a truly global city, home for people from all parts of the world.  It is a world centre for arts and culture, commerce and scientific and technological development and of course for education.

  • 37% per cent of London’s population were born outside the UK – the highest foreign born population of any city in the world
  • There are 50 non-indigenous communities with a population of more than 10,000
  • Over 300 languages are spoken throughout the city
  • Large communities representing each of the world’s major religions
  • Almost 103,000 international students living and learning across the city
  • Over 15 million tourists every year, soaking up the culture and history
  • 32 boroughs offering unique cultures, characteristics and stories
  • More than 240 museums and galleries open to all
  • The greenest city of its size in the world with 40% of the city green space
  • Home to 43 universities – the largest concentration of Higher Education in Europe
  • London has over 300 theatres, 500 cinema screens and 12,000 restaurants
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