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What our Students Say

Vanessa Eliott
MA English Studies: English Literature

I have really loved my time at Queen Mary. In particular I have really appreciated the small classes which have allowed me to really get under the skin of the subjects I have been taking.
The transport system can be quite confusing at first but once you do it a few times, you find your way and I have really enjoyed the fast paced life that London has to offer.
I am not ready to go home, so I have decided to stay and do my Masters!

Laura del Aguila
BSc French and Hispanic Studies

Having spent my childhood in Peru and then living in Paris during my gap year, I developed a passion for French and Spanish and so was keen to study these languages at a higher level. During my application process I saw that Queen Mary University was one of the few universities in the UK that offered a course combining French and Hispanic Studies, including the opportunity to study abroad in the third year, so I immediately applied. Although I did not possess official qualifications in either language other than at IGCSE level, Queen Mary recognised my potential and my passion and offered me a place at their East London campus.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far and think the teachers have explored all aspects of French and Hispanic culture, from the literature and music to the food and the grammar. It has also been great living on campus as this meant I had easy access to the library and other buildings as well as being able to enjoy the social activities East and Central London have to offer. I have had the opportunity to participate in various societies as well as attending numerous plays and lectures that have expanded my perspective on the world. My university experience at Queen Mary so far has been great, I have met some amazing people along the way and I am really looking forward to the following three years of my course!

Janta Quigley
Law Senior Status

As a graduate in business on a limited budget, studying a 2-year LLB at Queen Mary saves me both time and money, yet offers me an internationally recognised University of London degree.
In addition, my participation in Queen Mary’s student-led Pro Bono Group, Law Society, Bar Society, and Mooting Society have given me valuable voluntary experience and allowed me to establish important contacts within top City law firms.
Finally, Queen Mary’s law department demonstrates a very high quality of teaching. It is clear from the time and personal interest demonstrated by each of my lecturers and tutors that they are committed to helping me succeed, both scholastically and in my future career.
As a result of the skills I am gaining at Queen Mary, I am currently applying for training contracts in 2011 and hope to qualify as a solicitor in a UK commercial law firm by 2013.

Des Alvares
Mechanical Engineering

Desmond Alvares who has been working and developing his career in Canada for the last sixteen years having worked for eight years in the UK following graduation is our new contact for alumni in Canada. While a student, Des was active with the Student Union. He was the Clubs and Society representative. He also represented the Engineering students on the School Advisory board as well as being Union representative at the National level. Des is currently serving on the board of the Risk Management Committee of Ontario as Regional Director, the Upper Canada Section of the BCS as Professional Development Officer.

Jennifer Watts

Choosing the right law school is both an exciting and daunting task for anyone. Probably the most essential qualities to me are the reputation, the quality of teaching and the location. All of which are difficult to judge from overseas.
I was educated at the undergraduate level in Canada and decided to study law with the goal in mind of practising. Thus I was keen to pick a program that was preferably shorter in duration but still had the quality and calibre expected of a law degree. The Senior Status course provides both. At just two years in length it still manages to cover all the relevant requirements at a standard far above my expectations. I knew the law school had a five star research rating, but did not anticipate such high quality teaching. The professors here are approachable, extremely intelligent and passionate about what they do. I have no doubts that after studying at Queen Mary I will have both a valuable and world-class degree.
Having visited London in the past, my second criterion was that I study in the city. With the largest and most successful firms in the world, the countless law conferences and the political centre of the UK – London is a constant source of legal inspiration. Study breaks, although rare, are probably the best in the world. When in London you cannot be at a loss for something to do. The museums and galleries are for the most part fully funded and the parks and architecture make for incredible walking scenery. My peers are from all around the world, bringing in not only diverse perspectives in the classroom but also interesting cultural experiences outside of college. Studying should not only be about doing well and spending hours in the library, although admittedly we all do our fair share of that! I am pleased to say I have also made great friends.

Zelun Zhang
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

What was it like arriving in London & at the College?

It was in Sep, 2009 when i first time arrive in London. My first impression for UK is colourfulness. The sky is blue, the clouds are whites, the buildings and roads are brightly painted, and the cars are colourful. Another impression is the roads are like pocket sized comparing with china. These pocket sized and complex interlocked roads gives people a feeling of conversant.
For my first impressions of the QM college are: nice-being classmates (help us finding accommodation), tidy and neat room. Especially for a welcome box on my desk, it was so considerate that little welcome cards, some food and drinks were included. Even a shampoo and toothpaste were included, which makes me feel like being home.

Was the style of teaching familiar to you?

Yes, though first pursuing a master degree, the style of teaching familiar to me. Because I was from the Joint program between QM and BUPT (Beijing university of posts and telecommunications), so the QM stuff have taught us when I was in my undergraduate study. The style is like kindly supervision and teaching but let you think and apply the knowledge by yourself. This kind of style gives us enough space to absorb and apply knowledge, but guide us when we are lost.

What was the social life like?

We have lots of events and activities every day or even at weekends. Students from all over the world communicate and get to know each other frequently. Students were so passionate to have parties and activities together on campus – they are with different races, different colours of skin, different backgrounds and different cultures.

PhD in Electronic Engineering

China Before coming to Queen Mary, I completed my Bachelor of Engineering from Beijing Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) in China, 2009. Now I am studying in School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

The study environment here is brilliant, research and technical staffs are all very kind and nice to help students in doing their research better. Colleagues are also very friendly to help each other, sometimes we have party together in weekends, and it is really nice to have many friends here.

Besides, the student office in Queen Mary always holds a lot of activities for students, ranging from local tours to travel to Scotland, and a lot of festival events for Christmas, Chinese New Year etc. These activities enrich student lives, especially for international students; making them familiar with the British culture during their time here.

All in all, Queen Mary is a brilliant university for life and study. Welcome you all to Queen Mary!

Wen Li
PhD in Law


Awarded Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad (China Scholarship Council).
24 students from UK universities were awarded a CSC scholarship in 2008/09. Li was one of only two winners in the field of law.

During my law degree, I established a passion for laws related to information technology and decided to undertake further studies and research in this area. Thanks to the recommendation of my former tutors, I learned about the academic strength of Queen Mary’s law school as well as its reputation in information technology law research. Therefore, I came to the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, to work with experts at the cutting edge of research in 2006.

My study and life experiences in Queen Mary have been truly pleasant and enjoyable. The law school has provided all the necessary facilities and opportunities that a research student may need, from academic supervisions to conference opportunities, from teaching experiences to paper publications.

As a result of my positive experiences gained from Queen Mary, I would like to start my academic career in universities after my graduation, and, to work towards a goal of making contribution to the law and the society as a whole.

Lin Xiao
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

My name is Lin Xiao. I am a research student in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London.

It is such an amazing experience being a student here. Independent research is a wonderful challenge. I have learnt more about areas which I am interested in, and my supervisor is very encouraging. I have had the opportunity to show my research results at international conferences and to communicate with lots of international experts in my research area. It really is an attractive place to study; do not hesitate to come and join us.

Eralp Kortach
MA in Leo Back European Jewish History

I have been a student in three different cities and universities before and Queen Mary and London are the fourth in the list and so far it is the best place I have ever been. Being a student in London is so precious. It is one of the most amazing cities in the world and has lot to offer. Queen Mary is situated in East London and to me it is the most amazing place in London. East London is becoming more and more interesting and already has lots of interesting places. There are more interesting things to see in London than Big Ben and Trafalgar Square such as Brick Lane. It is a street with full of bars and curry restaurants and two historical ‘beigel shops’. During the weekend it is the best place to be as it has four markets on Sundays. You can taste food from all around the world at the Food Hall and buy lots of interesting things at SundayUp Market. However, there are more to see and do. For instance, Hoxton Square, Columbia Road, Shoreditch, Dalston and more and more…

Queen Mary has one of the best History departments in the UK and has some of the most famous historians like Colin Jones, Quentin Skinner, Miri Rubin and more. Seminars are always fun and educative and administrative staff is always there to help you. Location of the campus is another advantage as it is between two tube stations and it has great bus connections as well.

Queen Mary has lots to offer to you. You will not just study here but also will enjoy the advantages of being a ‘Londoner’.

Aditi Jain
BSc Mathematics with Finance and Accounting

After I finished my high school in Germany I decided to come to London and study Mathematics with Finance and Accounting. Queen Mary’s Mathematics department offers lots of joint programs so you can get a quality education in more than one area which I think is quite important nowadays. What I really enjoy about Mathematics is the application of logical thinking in real life. The modules are not only pure math but also give you an overview of how financial sectors make use of our education. I am really happy that I chose Queen Mary because it offers me a great start into my new phase of life. For example, living on a beautiful campus like Queen Mary’s made my life much easier in my first year. Being part of Queen Mary also gave me the opportunity to join societies and sport clubs that helped me make new friends. Living in London gave me a lot of exposure and allowed me to become a more mature individual. I gained a whole new perspective of living life in a metropolitan city. I strongly believe that studying in London was the best decision I ever made and I had never thought that I would gain so many friends from different cultural backgrounds.

Jan Hildebrand
BSc FT Biological Sciences

I was pleasantly surprised about the international atmosphere of Queen Mary University. The students taking part in the BSc Biology program are from very diverse backgrounds, making studies very enjoyable and interesting. We came into direct contact with a large diversity of natural environments in course field trips, ranging from woods and salt-marshes in Suffolk and chalk streams in Dorset through to coastal habitats in South-West Wales and those of Millport in Scotland. The highlight was a two-week expedition to two locations in untouched rainforests of Brunei Darussalam, Borneo, where we were taught about rainforest ecology and current conservation issues. At the core of the trip were practical exercises, such as capturing bats, observing ant-plant mutualisms, or kayaking on Lake Merimbun in the night, on the lookout for crocodiles. The trips provided the ideal basis to bond with other students in the course and proved to be highly inspiring.

Whatever impression you wish to experience, whatever tendencies and interests you wish to express, you will definitely find the means to do so in London: from a multitude of sports clubs to philosophical societies, from the British Library to the colourful commotion of Camden Town, from the artistic vibe of Brick Lane to the serenity of Hampstead Heath; and this touches the tip of the iceberg merely. Similar to other large cities it is a unique melting pot, in which people from the most diverse cultures and backgrounds give rise to completely unique atmospheres and events. Being able to share experiences with and learn of attitudes and customs of people from around the world is a most enriching facet of life in London.

Shruthi Murthy
MSc FT Medical Electronics and Physics

Firstly I would love to say that Queen Mary is the renowned university and provides all support to the students like career services, advice and counselling, library services, sports club etc. QMUL holds a very good ranking not only in UK but also among all universities in the world. London is a wonderful and a remarkable place and has its own charm. Therefore QM as a university of London and its location was a perfect combination for me to choose my speciality, Medical Electronics and Physics. The QM campus is very vibrant and it has added flavour to Mile end.

In my department, the academic staffs are very well versed in respective fields and are capable enough to answer all students’ questions. They motivate students and my personal tutor is helpful. MSc degree provided me almost all the exposure I needed. I was given an opportunity to visit Cancer Institute to upgrade my knowledge. The modules gave me an overall idea of what subjects are about. The modules are really exciting and challenging at the same time. The course is well structured and also covers job prospectus.

My decision regarding accommodation within QM campus served my purpose and was satisfactory. I was lucky to have great flatmates who created homely atmosphere. I made friends with people from other nationalities which was enjoyable and helped to improve my interpersonal skills and personal development. I would say QM accommodation is the safest and the best place to live.

Whenever I walk in campus I remember each precious moment spent here. It was my sweetest experience ever. Time moved really fast. I felt it was worth studying MSc in Medical Electronics and Physics at QMUL. I am confident of getting better job opportunities after passing out. I would like to thank Advice and counselling department for solving my problems with respect to immigration issues and International office for guiding me properly.

I really enjoyed my student life completely here. Now I consider myself to be a part of QMUL. I would recommend students to choose QMUL.

After completing my BDS from the A.J. Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore, India, in Nov 2007, I decided to continue my studies in the UK. Queen Mary’s Dental Public Health programme was an ideal choice. The staff at Queen Mary have been amazing and the facilities are excellent. Overall, living in London has been a wonderful experience.

Rahul Garg
MSc Management and Organisational Innovation

Queen Mary is a fine institute that provides world class education with superior facilities in London. As a BBA graduate from India, I chose this university because of its curriculum, reputation and location. I have gained immense knowledge of the world by living here. The education and social opportunities go hand in hand. I have been able to explore the city and keep up with my studies. Meeting students from different ethnicities and cultures has taught me how to interact with people from all walks of life. The support staff and professors have made life in London easy.

Dr Jasleen Kaur
MSc Dental Public Health

London is an astonishing place. It is one of the world’s most remarkable and exciting cities and has so much history and culture. It offers everything a student could want: education, enjoyment, traditional food and if ever you feel lonely, there is always a part of London that is home to large number of people from your country, ‘a home away from home’.

After completing my BDS I opted for a Masters in Dental Public Health. From day one it was my dream to join Queen Mary because of its attractive course content, the brand value of the university & the infrastructure available for the students. Living and studying here has enabled me to gain more than just a qualification. Being part of an international course, I have studied alongside people from across the world, shared experiences & widened my perspective on public health citor in a UK commercial law firm by 2013.

Vishal Mittal
LLM in International Commercial and Corporate Law

Prior to coming to Queen Mary I completed my Bachelors of Law in July 2008 in Bangalore. I always wanted to do an LLM from a very well recognised university in UK. I chose Queen Mary as it is part of the University of London and provides quality education. At the same time, it is also very well ranked and rated for Law and it provided the specialist modules I was interested in. Before coming, I wanted to study international commercial and corporate law to enhance my career prospects. Fortunately, I have been able to take courses in ‘Comparative Commercial Arbitration’, ‘Legal Aspects of International Finance’ and ‘International Commercial Law’. The department of law is comprised of individuals highly accomplished in their particular area of expertise and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to interact and learn from them.

My favourite part of campus is the Lock Keeper's Cottage by the canal side. London is a lively and beautiful city and has much of history associated with it. Moving around and exploring London is easy and a pleasure because the city is so well connected by the tube.

Ammar Lilamwalla
PhD Electronic Engineering

The ranking of the university both in the UK and the world was an important factor for me when I decided to join Queen Mary as an MSc student in 2007. The one year I spent here as an MSc student was very exciting indeed. What I really liked about the programme was the teaching quality, the duration of the course and potential for research. While doing my MSc project I decided on pursuing a PhD from QM as I got a chance to interact with the PhD students and found out more about the advantages of doing research here. When I asked my MSc supervisor about this he encouraged me to apply and now I am on a college funded PhD programme.
Coming from a small town in India I thought I’d have a tough time finding accommodation in London; but the residences office are very helpful and the location of the university is very ideal so finding accommodation was not an issue at all.
Overall I am very satisfied with the decision I made back in 2007 and I am glad I joined Queen Mary. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage anybody who wants to pursue their higher education at QM; it’s a truly rewarding experience.

Unnati Agarwal
MSc International Financial Management

Before coming to Queen Mary, I completed my schooling from Convent of Jesus and Mary School, New Delhi and my Bachelors in Commerce (Honours) from Delhi University.
In spite of having various choices available, I chose Queen Mary primarily because it is a part of the University of London. Being situated in London it has a beautiful campus which is quite convenient as it is easily accessible to the centre of the City. Additionally its ranking amongst the universities of United Kingdom is also a great attraction. It offers varied facilities including Computer labs, Library, Seminar Rooms etc, basically all that is needed for quality study. The staff is highly cooperative and helpful in all the matters. For increasing social communications there are various clubs and societies which can be explored.
Having a background of Commerce, I wanted to continue in this field due to my interest and expectations of the future. Therefore, I chose Msc. International Management with Finance as my course of study. Studying in the Department of Business and Management provided me academic knowledge as well as all the practical skills that are required for today’s competitive World.
I would say that one year spent in Queen Mary was the best year of my life both personally as well as academically. I got a chance to meet people from all over the world and gained insights of various cultures. On a personal note I would say that my study has been rewarding because it improved my interpersonal skills, and increased levels of confidence and motivation within me. Queen Mary is like a family and once I became a part thereof I never felt that I was away from my home.
In the end I would just say that Queen Mary has given me such memories which will always be remembered and cherished by me. It has given me true friends with whom I have spent my days near the canal side and lock keepers.
I would therefore definitely recommend this University to all the students who are planning to study in United Kingdom. I assure everyone that it will be fruitful for all as it was for me.

Shruti Gupta
LLM in International Commercial and Corporate Law

I heard about Queen Mary from friends while I was pursuing my bachelors of law in India from Panjab University, Chandigarh. At first, the thought of an LLM did not strike my mind but when told by friends to check the official site of Queen Mary I started to change my mind. I applied for admission and slowly the procedure moved ahead. Within a few days of my transcripts being sent to the university I got the privilege to study here. I often called to make various queries and found the staff was very co-operative and helpful.
The life I have been living in London from past one year has indeed been a dream and a blessing in disguise. Not only have I been studying but also enjoying the city. Going around the city, visiting the countryside, and to my surprise celebrating Christmas and the end of term with our module teachers. I have never felt apprehensive about contacting my professors and they have always been very encouraging and helpful. This one year has been like a dream come true for me.

I will be going back home with real fond memories which will be cherished forever. I have met people from all over the world and learnt about different cultures. I honestly would recommend you to come and pursue your studies here in QMUL.

Hiromi Minemura,
Department of Physics 2002 - 2005

I chose to study physics at Queen Mary because I studied the subject at school in Japan. It was actually the first subject that I achieved an A for GCSE level! Although I actually did not like Science when I was in school I gained a greater appreciation for the subject and became passionate about studying physics after realizing that physics is all around us in everyday life. That is why I continued to study at A level and undergraduate level. I also knew the course would be a challenge with English being my second language; however I wanted to finish my education knowing that I have challenged myself and improved my English.

I enjoyed everything about the course, what I found most interesting was Quantum Physics and that lead me to study Theoretical Physics. I also enjoyed solving all the difficult mathematical equations!

I chose Queen Mary because I knew that Queen Mary's Physics course was famous in London. Another reason is that I knew that there were only a small number of Japanese students, especially in the Physics department so I knew this would help me with my English study, knowing I would be fully integrated into the campus and meeting students from all over the world, not just other Japanese students.

Another reason for choosing Queen Mary was that I wanted to live in London. Living in London was so much fun! I enjoyed going to the pubs, food markets, and flower markets at the weekends. My fondest memory of London is simply hanging out with my friends. I had friends, who are Islamic and Jewish. We were hanging out everyday, studying together, eating together, and going out together. We used to cook our country's food. I brought Japanese food to them and they brought their special cultural food. We enjoyed spending so much time with each other. I still keep in touch with them as I visit London once a year at least!

After returning to Japan I started working for the Fujifilm Corporation as a technical engineer in the recording media division. I work in the head office in Tokyo; much of my work involves dealing with customers who are in the USA. I am in the project management side so I manage development plans and status, and discuss with our customers about their schedules, action items and make sure that all the development is going forward without issues. Most of my customers are PC makers, system engineers, software engineers etc. Therefore I need to use my physics background to talk with them on a daily basis.

Overall I very much enjoyed my time at Queen Mary, In particular all the teachers and my University friends were so helpful and kind to me as English was not my first language. All the teachers took time to explain what I did not understand in the lectures. All my friends helped me with understanding difficult English in lectures as well. I made lifelong friends.

My advice to prospective Japanese students would be that Queen Mary was a very kind and supportive University for me. I would like to say to everyone who plans to come to QM, they do not need to worry about anything. All the people are very friendly and helpful so whenever you have any problems, someone will definitely help you. One thing you might notice is that there are less Japanese students at QM compared to some other London universities, but I think that is a good thing, as you can learn English faster.

London student life definitely exceeded my expectations!

Kelvin Wong Xiawei

Kijang Emas scholar, sponsored by Central Bank of Malaysia


I chose Queen Mary because the degrees from UK higher education institutions are known as high quality and world class. Upon arrival, the college provided free airport pick-up service, followed by a well-planned orientation programme. With the vast amount of social events happening on campus, it’s extremely easy to make friends -- I went to day trips organised by Queen Mary which are reasonably priced and I got to make new friends.

Undoubtedly, the Law school of Queen Mary is one of the best in the country! Also, their Legal Advice Centre has a high reputation in the city. Lecturers are very committed in their teachings. They inspired me to study laws with a wider perspective. Tutors are extremely helpful and they will take extra efforts to make sure that we understand the subject thoroughly. Although law is a challenging subject, I enjoy reading law cases and seeing how the judges interpreted the statutes in different circumstances.

London is such a vibrant city. No matter what your interests are, you can always find something to do in the city. Queen Mary’s Mile End campus is unique from the rest of London. I am thankful for the close proximity to Brick Lane and Westfield Stratford City. My favourite place nearby is Victoria Park, because they have the best fish and chips shop in the country.

I am the President of Queen Mary Malaysian Society. Without a doubt, I feel that the whole experience has increased my employability massively. I will be volunteering for Olympics 2012 as a London Ambassador. It will be a great honour to work with other like-minded people in welcoming the whole world to London.

Jyotee Caullychurn
MSc Telecommunications (Networks)

After completing my undergraduate studies in Information and Communication Technologies from the University of Mauritius I made up my mind to opt for a taught postgraduate degree course in Telecommunications. I was on the lookout for a university with a high calibre, a university with an excellent reputation that offers a high standard of teaching and necessary support facilities. Queen Mary University of London was the perfect choice since it is among the best institutions in the UK, it satisfied all my criteria. I succeeded in obtaining the State of Mauritius Postgraduate Scholarship and made it to Queen Mary.

Being an international student, I was a little apprehensive but after a few days at Queen Mary I realised that it was going to be a very enriching experience. The teaching staff here provide all the support required be it course material, appointments, email responses or messageboard discussions. The library and labs are fully equipped with the required resources to provide all that students are in need of during their course of study.

Apart from academic life, Queen Mary being a campus-based university offers a range of means of relaxation and leisure. The student union is very active and nearly every week events are organized, cultural, educational or recreational. The campus includes cafes, bars, shops, fitness centre, and student health services amongst others. It offers plenty of spaces for socialising with other students. Queen Mary being in the centre of London is very close to all local amenities.

Today, I feel confident of my decision of choosing Queen Mary University of London for my postgraduate studies. I have had no difficulties to cope with the new teaching environment or to adapt to the life in London. The course I have selected covers a range a disciplines that are very interesting and challenging at the same time. Queen Mary will surely endow me with all the capabilities and proficiency I need for my professional life.

Ngozi Ugo Gwam
MSc Wireless Networks, 2005
Current employment: Network Engineer, Schlumberger

I'm a Satellite Network Engineer responsible for the design of communication links and the deployment of stabilized systems offshore and in remote locations. The theoretical knowledge from my course has been extremely useful. It definitely influenced my career.

Folajimi Olamide Akinla
LLM (Tax)

Where did you study before starting your course at Queen Mary?

University of Lagos, Nigeria

Why did you choose to study your current programme?

I chose my programme, because I have an interest in Tax Law as it is a growing phenomenon in Nigeria and there are very few Tax practitioners in Nigeria

What made you choose Queen Mary, University of London?

Going through the list of Universities that offered Tax la, Queen Mary ranked in the first three

What is your favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary and in London?

The lectures and my lecturers.

Are you enjoying living and studying in London?

Yes, except that I did not expect to incur so much travel and transport expenses.

What does the future hold for you? What are your next steps after graduating from Queen Mary?


Would you recommend Queen Mary to friends and family back home?

Yes I would actively

Collins Ojermolan
Pre Masters in Social Science and Humanities

Where did you study before starting your course at Queen Mary?

Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma Edo-State Nigeria

Why did you choose to study your current programme?

I needed to get a clearer view of what the Masters program was all about, before getting into a proper Masters program

What made you choose Queen Mary, University of London?

Actually I have heard about their academic excellence before now and also got recommendations from you people

What is your favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary and in London?

Getting to meet people with new and diverse cultures

Are you enjoying living and studying in London?


What does the future hold for you?  What are your next steps after graduating from Queen Mary?

I intend getting a post management degree and probably explore new opportunities in London as the case may be

Would you recommend Queen Mary to friends and family back home?


John Chinenye Nwosu
International Foundation Programme

Where did you study before starting your course at Queen Mary?

Community Secondary School Bonney, Burukivi

Why did you choose to study your current programme?

To learn the educational system of UK before going in for my main degree in the University.

What made you choose Queen Mary, University of London?

I just wanted to acquire more and different knowledge as well as knowing more about UK.

What is your favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary and in London?

My favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary in London is the teaching method.

Are you enjoying living and studying in London?


What does the future hold for you? What are your next steps after graduating from Queen Mary?

Looking for a job in the UK

Would you recommend Queen Mary to friends and family back home?


Egbetayo Alain James
MSc International Financial Management

Where did you study before starting your course at Queen Mary?

Olabis Onabanjo University, Nigeria

Why did you choose to study your current programme?

To compete favourably with the labour market

What made you choose Queen Mary, University of London?

- Location (QMUL) in London
- Persuasion from my family
- Ranking on the University table

What is your favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary and in London?

The library facilities at the University and the transport links within the city.

Are you enjoying living and studying in London?

Quite well

What does the future hold for you? What are your next steps after graduating from Queen Mary?

The future can only be great! Graduation first, then I will take it from there.

Would you recommend Queen Mary to friends and family back home?

Why not! It’s such a good institution with availability of modern research facilities.

Abisola Oyeduntan
Msc Law and Finance

Where did you study before starting your course at Queen Mary?


Why did you choose to study your current programme?


What made you choose Queen Mary, University of London?

They offered the combination I was looking for.

What is your favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary and in London?

New experience

What does the future hold for you? What are your next steps after graduating from Queen Mary?

Back to Nigeria and get a job in the discipline I have studied

Would you recommend Queen Mary to friends and family back home?


Akinremi Morountodun
Mechanical Engineering
Year: 1

Where did you study before starting your course at Queen Mary?

International Science and Engineering Foundation programme at Queen Mary

Why did you choose to study your current programme?

I love challenges, and Mechanical Engineering seemed like a challenging course with good career prospects.

What made you choose Queen Mary, University of London?

Queen Mary University being in London gives you a fun city life experience while you are also getting a world class education.

What is your favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary and in London?

There are loads of fun societies to join in at the University and the people are very friendly.

Are you enjoying living and studying in London?

Yes, its been an enjoyable life changing experience so far.

What does the future hold for you? What are your next steps after graduating from Queen Mary?

I entered to get a Masters Degree in Aerospace Systems and get a well paying job in the aviation sector in Nigeria.

Would you recommend Queen Mary to friends and family back home?

Most Definitely

Brown Olywadamilola Tina
Computer Science

Where did you study before starting your course at Queen Mary?

Science and Engineering Foundation Programme

Why did you choose to study your current programme?

I chose computer science because of the interests I nurtured about computers and the fascinating things that can be done with the use of computers. Also the world is gradually becoming a computer village where everything is done with the use of computers.

What made you choose Queen Mary, University of London?

Queen Mary, University of London was my choice because they have state of the art facilities for my course, they are into research and they are highly ranked in the UK.

What is your favourite thing about studying at Queen Mary and in London?

The Student life is amazing. Also, the environment is conducive for learning.

Are you enjoying living and studying in London?

Yes, I am

What does the future hold for you? What are your next steps after graduating from Queen Mary?

After graduation, I am thinking of going into software developing or programming in industries.

Would you recommend Queen Mary to friends and family back home?

I would definitely recommend Queen Mary. It has a lot to offer to students. And the lecturers are friendly and are willing to help.

Nkem Ekwere
Law, 2003
Current employment: Associate, Aelex Legal Practitioners & Arbitrators

The skills I got from my Banking Law and Legal Aspects of International Finance have proved most useful. I've had to advise on swaps and derivatives, custodial arrangements, leveraged buy outs, asset securitisation, equity-linked lending with warrants and advised both banks and borrowers on different aspects of financial law. My choice of study gad a real influence on my career, as my practice has focused more on my LLM subjects; Banking, Finance, Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions and Labour and Employment. I have recently just returned from a secondment to CITI Bank Nigeria.

Onyinye Nwezi
LLM in Computer and Communications law
Current PhD applicant, 2008-09

I qualified as a barrister and solicitor of the supreme court of Nigeria in 2004. After my graduation, I worked for two years as an associate with a senior advocate of Nigeria. Basically, my decision to undertake an LLM programme was based on a need for self development. This is in addition to the fact that communication is a major economic and policy driver in Nigeria as well as developed countries like UK and the US in recent times. I wanted to be taught by the best in the field. Queen Mary stood out among other universities because firstly, my research revealed that the Centre for Commercial Law Studies had the best communications law teachers in Europe. It is situated in London with a special centre for the study of commercial law. I also loved the fact that it had a fully integrated student village on the campus. In fact, I thought Queen Mary had a lot in one package.

One thing I enjoyed the most during the year was the academic assistance I received from my teachers. Before I came to Queen Mary, I really wanted to develop my writing and presentation skills. The good news is that through the guidance of my professors, I produced two essays in addition to my dissertation and I am comfortable with my present writing skills. I also took advantage of the in-sessional course in developing presentation skills. I hope to start my PhD AT Queen Mary and hope to work as a policy maker afterwards.

Professor Chioma Agomo,
Law LLB and LLM, 1976 - 1977
Current employment: Professor of Law and Dean of Faculty, University of Lagos, Nigeria

My faculty is the number one law faculty in Nigeria, and I oversee four departments I strive to provide the right environment to promote teaching, research and learning, comparable to institutions outside Nigeria. Initiating and fostering exchanges with reputable institutions abroad is another challenge. The last but not the least is the establishment of vibrant partnership with the alumni of the Faculty. The first step took place during my first term.

My university days provided the springboard for my academic career. The skills acquired prepared me for my teaching career. An academic career is an exciting one.

Asif Khan
MSc in Advance Methods in Computer Science

There are many aspects that I like about the programme and the College but to name a few – the programme is well designed and gives me opportunity to choose the modules that best suit my area of interest, the students are friendly and there is a good percentage of international students. As far as the academics and study facilities are concerned, one can’t expect more than we have been provided with here at Queen Mary. In our first semester, as part of our Research Methods coursework, we were required to conduct a study of people’s behaviours when they watch movies together in cinema. It was really interesting experience being in cinema and not watching the movie, but rather observing behaviours.

Najam us Saqib
MSc International Management with Finance

I chose Queen Mary for my postgraduate study, because it seemed to epitomise affordable quality.
Not only were they offering the programme within my budget, but also their ranking in the league tables was impressive.

The subjects offered on my programme are very diverse, and I have met a wide variety of people from all over the world. I find both my lectures and my peers very encouraging, and everyone is always there to guide, which I appreciate. That will be a good memory I’ll take back with me from Queen Mary, along with snow – the first snowfall I ever saw in my life. 

Muhammad Umair Dastgir Bhatti
MSc Dental Public Health

After finishing my internship, I gained three years work experience in my field of interest but I still felt that I had not had an opportunity to bring out the best in me. As such, I decided to study overseas. UK universities are seen as prestigious in Pakistan
and after three months of intensive research I narrowed my choices down to a few serious options. In the end, I decided to go to Queen Mary after meeting the Course Director on his visit to my country.

Like many people, I was very apprehensive about moving to the UK, to a different culture. I have been here for almost eight months now and every day I feel happy that I made the right decision. The staff, environment, facilities (including one of the best libraries I have ever seen), student support, counselling and medical care are very good. In my opinion, Queen Mary is a fantastic place to achieve your goals.

Best of luck to all you prospective students in whatever you do!

Anastasia Sysoeva
MS International Marketing

I have finished St. Petersburg State University with a degree on English language and literature. Since I know a lot about Great Britain it seemed to me much more reasonable to have an experience of living in the country to know it and its people from all the inner sides. I also decided to continue my education with a master degree but I was eager to change my field of studies.

Thus I was looking for a decent university in London, which will allow me to start a degree in marketing without previous experience in economics, with a campus facilities and close-to-the-centre location. And that is what Queen Mary is all about.

I find my degree programme challenging and interesting , with a range of useful subjects. Professors are friendly and really helpful. Campus area is safe, clean and really tidy that creates a feeling of being home and makes the adaptation to new life easy. Being an international study I can’t say I have any problems with understanding a programme or communicating with other students as everyone is friendly here. Mile End campus is close to the centre of London which makes all the numerous places of interests available at any time.

Ilya Kantsedikas
3rd year medical student, Barts and The London SMD

My decision to read medicine was influenced by the challenge and diversity of the subject matter inherent in this field. As the course at Barts and The London is precisely that – challenging and diverse – I was compelled to study here. The existing teaching facilities are top-notch and the School of Medicine is constantly striving to improve our experience. I have seen changes made to the course based on the feedback received from us and I think it is great that our opinion matters. The stellar outcome of the recent Research Assessment Exercise highlights our reputation as an world-class institution not content with resting on its laurels.

However quality learning experience is just a small part of the fantastic three years that I've had at Barts and The London. I have mentioned diversity before and it is absolutely astonishing how many people from different backgrounds I have met during my time here. There is a huge number of extracurricular activities to get involved in and there is a club or a society to cater to almost anyone's taste. Through my involvement in RAG and rowing I met many of my friends whom I shared some of the best moments of my time at university.

Finally I would like to say a few words about the local area. As a medical student I spend less time on the main campus and get to explore the locality a bit more while on placements. While the East End may not have the immediate appeal of central London there is still plenty to do around here with Victoria park a stone's throw from Mile End and the nooks and crannies of Brick Lane awaiting exploration. I am particularly fond of Hackney as it has plenty of less-known treasures such as London Fields (especially the Lido) and Ridley Road market.

Daria Patenko
MSc Management and Organisational Innovation

I have always dreamed of studying in the UK, as I’ve always been passionate about London, no doubt I chose Queen Mary, University of London. With a cosmopolitan-like campus, along with great facilities to assist students in their studies and with Central London being at a doorstep, studying my MSc degree at Queen Mary has been a wonderful experience.
Studying MSc in Management and Organisational Innovation has been very exciting and challenging. Doing my Masters here was a great opportunity to learn a lot and to meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures. The social life provided by the University is absolutely amazing, postgraduate students would always find what to do in their free time. I definitely would look back with pride and pleasure on what I got out of studying here.

Alexander Polyakov
MSc Management and Organisational Innovation

For me, the course I chose fully represents the knowledge I am eager to get and apply later in future. I have been astonished by the completeness of lecture theatres and rooms, academics’ affability, staff’s readiness to help you anytime and a more up-to-date approach to the process of study involving projects, presentations and other activities that force you to think of what you are learning rather than memorize loads of information. If you have never lived on campus before, I guarantee this is the experience one can dream of. This is like being a citizen of a small city inside a bigger one. I have met lots of new friends and made a lot of connections with people from all over the world. Since the campus is like a small town, it has its own activities which every “citizen” has the right to attend. Also, Queen Mary University has its own Student Union which helps students to actually control teaching process and correct it in order to make students’ life easier. Students Union helps to organize societies on campus, which is very nice. If you like something or you have a hobby, why not join or make your own society? For example, since there are a lot of cultural and language-based societies, my friends and I started a Russian society and we find it really exciting! I am really satisfied with what I can observe now and I wish my short story will help you to make up your mind. Anyway, don’t forget that a picture paints a thousand words.

Christina Thanushka Hettiarachchi
BA Law and Politics
Sri Lanka

Always wanting to do Law in the UK, I applied to quite a few universities. Queen Mary, University of London stood out as not only one of the best universities for Law, but also one of the very few offering a qualifying Law and Politics degree. Living on campus is one of the best aspects of university life. The student village is fully equipped to accommodate all your needs with the village shop, launderette, and Qmotion gym all less than five minutes walk away.

Dilrini De Silva
PhD in Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Biology
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Sri Lanka

I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology in Bangalore, India (2006) prior to enrolling in the MSc Bioinformatics course at Queen Mary University of London (2008/09). The MSc Bioinformatics course is an interdisciplinary course combining teaching from both the Dept of Computer Science and the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences leading to a more wholesome experience. I chose to attend QMUL because of its reputation for scientific research and the diverse research interests of staff in the various departments, not to mention its location so close to the heart of the city. As part of the University of London we are able to network with other leading institutions like University College London, King’s College London etc which I think is quite useful. Having successfully completed my Masters, I was awarded a Graduate Teaching Studentship (GTS) by the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences to pursue a PhD in Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Biology under the supervision of Dr. Greg Elgar. What sets a GTS apart from a standard scholarship is that we are required to undertake facilitation duties for certain undergraduate courses within the School. This is not only a great way to build your skills in imparting knowledge to others but a way to also interact with a large number of new students each year. Juggling your research with teaching duties means you have to be extremely good at time management but all in all it’s an extremely fulfilling experience.

Student Profile: Dinithi Fernando
International Foundation Programme in Social Sciences and Humanities
Sri Lanka

Prior to my joining Queen Mary for the Foundation Course in Law, I did my Ordinary Level Exams at Ladies College in Sri Lanka and then completed one year of the IB at the
American School in New Delhi. My family getting posted to yet another country made me decide to join Queen Mary for the foundation course.
There were a few factors both my parents and I were looking for in a course. The fact that Queen Mary is one of the top colleges in the UK, and is part of the University of
London, and that it offered me the opportunity to live in a protected campus environment helped us make up our minds.

Now that I am at Queen Mary, just four months since leaving home for the first time as a nervous student, I now feel very confident. The quality of education and the
feeling of safety and security I get as a student at Queen Mary make me happy with the choice I made. I am enjoying the academic exposure the course is giving me, and
although challenging, it’s enriching and bringing out my hidden talents. I find the tutorial staff very committed and helpful. Queen Mary is home away from home.
Student life is very exciting and awesome; it has a very sociable environment and cultural diversity of the students adds more flavour to your life on campus. As a student there is a
host of facilities on site: library, the Students’ Union, cafes, bars, restaurants, sports facilities, a bank and a bookshop which is so very convenient.

Taking all this into consideration I have no hesitation in recommending Queen Mary to any student since the opportunity to study in one of the most vibrant cities of the world is an
extremely rewarding and exciting prospect.

Student Profile: Nilmini Ferdinandez
LLM in Human Rights, Chevening scholar
Sri Lanka

Prior to coming to Queen Mary, University of London I was working in Sri Lanka as a Judge for 7 years. It had been a dream of mine to enhance my knowledge in the area of the international protection of human rights and I was delighted when I was awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship which helped me enormously to make my dream a reality. I chose Queen Mary to pursue my studies because of its good reputation all over the world. Apart from the best possible educational experience received at Queen Mary, students benefit from the academic and pastoral support provided by the school.

To date, I am enjoying my course and I would not hesitate at all in recommending Queen Mary to whoever would be interested in doing an LLM. Once I have completed my studies in London I intend to return to Sri Lanka to continue my career at the Sri Lankan Judiciary.

Student Profiles: Rehan Almeida
LLM Communications and Computer Law
Sri Lanka

On completion of my LLB from the University of London’s External Programme, and while practising as an attorney-at-law in Sri Lanka, I sought to develop my skills by embarking on an LLM. Queen Mary was easily my first choice based on the quality, skill and repute of both the teaching staff and the institution. Being part of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, I consider myself fortunate to have been part of one of the most successful departments for Commercial Law in the whole of the UK. Accommodation is provided right in the heart of London - a great bonus. Not only do the city’s sights and sounds never cease to amaze, but London also provides a diverse and rich blend of cultures that truly complete a student’s educational life

Student Profile: Upekas Karunarathna
BSc Medical Genetics
Sri Lanka

Before coming to Queen Mary University of London, I had my primary education in Sri Lanka. As I always wanted to study at a well reputed university I applied to Queen Mary to study Medical Genetics at the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences. The university has a very friendly environment for both teaching and studying and the staff in SBCS are truly amazing and are very helpful. Almost all of the study programmes provided by SBCS have compulsory lab practical work which helps us understand the theory behind it.

Apart form the academic life, the best thing about being a student at Queen Mary is having the opportunity of meeting people from all over the world and making life long friends. Looking back through time, I think, I have had the best year of my life.

Student Profiles: John Shehan Ranasinghe
BEng Mechanical Engineering

Sri Lanka

After finishing my A-Levels in Sri Lanka I started the BEng degree programme in Mechanical Engineering at Queen Mary. I have found both lecturers and staff
very friendly and helpful - academically and personally. This creates the right study environment, and students are able to make use of the variety of teaching
methods such as PBL (Problem Based Learning). This is a group work task that helps students to build up their team work and efficiency to meet deadlines. All the guidance
and help I obtained from my lecturers helped me to win the Best Student Prize in Mechanical Engineering stream for two consecutive years ( 2008- 2009 ).
I lived in the student village during my first year, which was a great start to living in London. There is a large number of international students at Queen Mary which makes it easy to meet
people from different cultures.

Student Profile: P. Don Minoli Niroshinee
LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law
Sri Lanka

Having qualified as an Attorney-at-Law from Sri Lanka Law College, I decided to pursue my postgraduate studies in a well recognized University. I opted for Queen Mary as it is well reputed for providing quality education and is ranked among the top Universities in the UK. I’m currently studying International and
Comparative Commercial Arbitration, Intellectual Property and International Commercial Litigation. The international dimension of the subjects offered which is important for a legal practitioner, is one of the important features that made me choose Queen Mary. Another feature which I found very appealing was the fact that I had the liberty to structure the course according to my preferences and career goals. The diverse nature of the campus gives me the opportunity to interact with students from different ethnic backgrounds. I enjoy being in Queen Mary accommodation and I consider living in a student community as an important part of experiencing University life. Queen Mary offers a welcoming environment with its approachable lecturers and its friendly staff. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone interested in reading for his/her masters.

Alumni profile: Salma Yusuf
LLM Alumni 2008/09
Sri Lanka

It was amidst the old world charm of Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), where history rubs shoulders with modernity, and the intellectual and cultural treasures of London lie like a blanket of riches at your feet, that Salma Yusuf experienced one of the best years of her life. For Salma, receiving the QMUL Department of Law Academic Scholarship Award to follow the Master of Laws programme in Public International Law for 2008/2009 was more than an academic milestone – it was an invitation to experience London in all its moods and colours, and to enhance her professional skills and knowledge while making friends and creating memories that would last a lifetime. Salma’s career path thus far has been a reflection of her many interests. Having achieved her Bachelor of Laws from the University of London, she indulged her zeal for writing by working as a journalist for the Sunday Times, Sri Lanka. In writing stories that ranged in genre from investigative reporting to human interest, she gained insight into the country’s social and political landscape. Returning to the legal arena afterwards, Salma accepted posts at the United Nations' Development Programme and thereafter the Canadian International Development Agency. She has also carried out research projects for government and public bodies in Sri Lanka. Her work in the fields of human rights and public international law led to her choice of an LLM in Public International Law at Queen Mary University of London which gave her the opportunity to enhance her capacity, both in knowledge and skills and earn a specialization in the field of Public International law. Her sub-specializations were in the fields of International Human Rights Law and Counter-Terrorism; International and Comparative Social Justice which involved a comprehensive examination of key economic, Social and Cultural Rights and its surrounding philosophic and political debates; International Environmental Law; and the subject of Justice, Reconciliation and Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Societies within the context of the subject of Transitional Justice. She was awarded the LLM with Merit at the prestigious QMUL Convocation Ceremony in December 2009 held at the Great Hall of the Peoples’Palace in London. The enriching experience of her time at Queen Mary and in London was more than she expected it to be – intellectually stimulating, aesthetically fulfilling and inspiring progress at every turn. Being located at London’s legal hub in Lincoln's Inn Fields, QMUL’s Postgraduate School of Law provided ready access to the Royal Courts of Justice and also to the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, which houses one of the finest postgraduate law libraries in Europe. The academic staff at QMUL, who were experts and international scholars in their respective fields, made wonderful mentors, being easily approachable and accessible. The LLM Administration office was equally supportive and responsive to the students’ every need making the student experience even easier.

Being a student of QMUL carried an added feature in that as a student of a College of the University of London, exposure and access to the other libraries of the University of London and the ability to benefit from each of their unique specializations and research strengths proved to be doubly rewarding. Being an LLM Student Representative heightened the experience by allowing her to serve as a liaison between the University administration and the student body. Apart from academia, Salma was also actively involved in student life at the University as well as exploring and experiencing the many facets of the city through its history, literature, art, music and nature. With her penchant for the performance arts, particularly drama and theatre, as evident in her several qualifications in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London, she was delighted by the opportunity to savour the plays of the West End If time is measured by experiences, then surely the year at Queen Mary would count as an experience of a lifetime. It has been, for Salma, the fulfilment of many aspirations and the foundation for many more.

Usanee Phansujaritthai,
LLM in Commercial and Corporate law

“The very best thing of studying at Queen Mary was approachable lecturers who were always in hand whenever I had encountered any difficulties related to the modules I took. Not only the QM professors had I enjoyed studying with, but also experienced practitioners from renowned law firms invited to tutor. Having willingly contributed, the practitioners conveyed practical perspectives with an insight into the specific subject matters that can be effectively learned. More importantly, I found the tutorials allocated in a small group were very helpful to reaffirm my understandings toward the lesson and catch up with controversial issues in conjunction with test preparation prior to final assessment.
Interactive, well-organised seminars and lectures, supportive lecturers, excellent materials and exquisite research facilities were compounded to become the best-qualified law school in London. Unquestionably, the LLM courses at QM never put me into disappointment.”

Mustafa Dalkiran,
MSc Management of Intellectual Property

My main motivation for choosing Queen Mary was its excellent reputation. A number of social and cultural activities are arranged by Queen Mary
for Intellectual Property students and researchers, and I greatly value this input. Queen Mary students also enjoy the use of first-class facilities such as the library at Senate House which includes unlimited access to e-journals and e-books on the university databases, in addition to the in-sessional English Language Programme.

I really appreciate the sense of living history in London, and have made the most of the sightseeing and entertainment opportunities available. It is a great city to live in.

Gozde Kokturk
LLM 2009/10

To have an education in London was a dream since childhood. After a challenging selection process, I was granted a Jean Monnet Scholarship funded by European Union and this allowed me to take up a place on Queen Mary’s LLM. The Centre for Commercial Law Studies is known worldwide for its distinguished academicians, many play a significant role not only in the academic field but also in the law making industry.

Gozde Bilen
MSc Management and Organisational Innovation

After gaining three valuable years work experience, I realized that in order to progress professionally and personally I needed to broaden my horizons and improve my professional CV and develop my qualifications. I had always liked the idea of living abroad and in particular in one of the world’s foremost cities. London was my first choice in this regard as it represents the cutting edge in commerce, fashion, culture and technology. London has so much to offer and among its diverse attractions is a top class, high quality education system. Queen Mary, University of London offered what I was looking for. After reading about the university online and about the courses offered in a seminar on education abroad that I attended, I thought that QMUL was the best choice for me. QMUL has a fantastic campus in central London, an active social life, and has students from many different countries and excellent teachers with years of experience in their field. It has provided me with most of the new opportunities I wanted and with an unforgettable experience of living in the vibrant city of London.

Cancan Ece Öz
International Foundation Programme 2008/09

As an international student from Turkey, I had a serious number of doubts before coming to Queen Mary, University of London. I wrongly thought that the hard times would be waiting for me. However, approaching the end of the year, I think it has been one of the best in my life. At Queen Mary, I have studied the one-year International Foundation Programme in Social Sciences. Through this programme, I have developed my level of understanding in a subject and have improved my English for undergraduate study. Moreover, I have also learnt reading and research strategies as well as presentation skills which are fundamental for academic and professional life.

Apart from academic life, my time here in the Mile End Campus has been truly excellent. The halls of residence are comfortable and my flatmates are very nice people. I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. At Queen Mary, I have also found a wide variety of clubs and societies which are a fantastic way of both meeting with people from other degree courses.

Burcu Gure
LLM Intellectual Property Law

After completing my LLB in Turkey, I decided I wanted to continue my postgraduate studies abroad. After carefully researching various institutions, I opted for Queen Mary, University of London. It’s one of the leading institutions in the world for Intellectual Property Law, with great facilities, staff and teaching quality. The flexible structure of the LLM programme and the very wide range of modules on offer, appeal to students from different countries with different interests and expectations. As a university with accommodation facilities on campus, Queen Mary students are part of a vibrant community, whilst still being able to experience all that central London has to offer.

Mohammed Alsharif,
ISEFP, Mechanical Engineering,
Saudi Arabi

“Queen Mary is a well-known university and has a good reputation in the UK.       I started with the foundation programme last year and it was absolutely amazing. One of things that I really liked was the mix of practical classes and tutorials. The final exams were quite easy due to the huge amount of practice we did in the class.

“After the foundation year I received many offers from different universities. However, without any doubt Queen Mary was my first choice. I like the fact that you can meet people from different backgrounds and the lecturers are really helpful and supportive. And if you have any problem in English there is an English language unit where you can get help. The facilities in the University are outstanding: from a great selection of restaurants and cafés to a perfect gym and sports centre. I’m now in my first year of a Mechanical Engineering degree and everything is going great.”

Abdullah Albarkheel, 
MClin Dent Paediatric Dentistry
Saudi Arabia

“I chose Queen Mary because of its good reputation in paediatric dentistry. The programme offered modules in the areas of speciality I am really interested in. Not only did I receive an excellent clinical training, but I also met many people from different cultures and backgrounds. Socially, culturally, and academically London offered a diverse and fun community that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and take part in.

My tutors were absolutely brilliant: dedicated to their work, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very approachable. Overall I think this programme has been well worth my time and effort. I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about paediatric dentistry.”

Michelle Law
BSc Biomedical Sciences


I did most of my early education in Singapore. Following graduation from Anglo-Chinese Junior College where I obtained my A levels, I was working full time at Accenture Singapore at Raffles City Tower for about half a year.

I enjoy scientific aspects of medicine and biology. The programme is a comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of relevant topics in life sciences while keeping up with the latest developments in research. The biomedical sciences porgramme is a good option when you are unsure of what field of biology to go into. The degree covers a whole range: from medically related modules such as anatomy and physiology as well as cell and molecular biology; it’s basically a taster of what you can possibly do after your BSc. Personally, I think it provides a solid foundation in life sciences so I can pursue a career in research. There are quite a lot of contact hours in terms of practical skills to train undergraduates in laboratory competence which is essential especially since I'm interested into pursuing further education and subsequently research. Also, the degree has been accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science.

I absolutely love my department! My personal adviser has been very helpful and encouraging from the beginning of my undergraduate experience. It is also easy to get help during practicals since they are very well staffed. The SBCS control panel is a great learning tool because it is much easier to navigate than webCT/Blackboard and course organisers provide links to slides/lectures and additional learning resources. The department also provides opportunities such as summer school applications and working as an ambassador for their open days. There is a lot of self study required, the workload is about 30 hours a week including about 15 contact hours (including lab) but lecturers have mostly been very approachable and helpful. I’m most excited about research as most undergraduates have an opportunity to undertake a final year research project and work in research labs alongside other academics and PhD students.

I had never been to London before deciding to study in the UK. So far my experience has been great, from the usual tourist destinations, to something more local in East End like Roman Road or Vicky Park. I spend a lot of weekends visiting museums (since a lot of them are free!) or checking out open markets from Borough to Spitalfields. My favourite place has to be Columbia Flower Market on Sunday during warmer weather. Since I don't eat out very often, I love looking at fresh produce and it’s even better that it’s right at the university every Thursday.

I wanted to experience living in another country and culture on my own. I strongly believe that it helps build independence and character development.

International office quickly put me in contact with other Singaporeans already in Queen Mary and they had a pre-departure casual meeting. They were also very prompt in assisting me with my visa application. SBCS admin staff contacted me after I submitted my UCAS application and were very efficient when responding to my queries.

I work for the department as a student ambassador; sometimes I attend Singapore Society events or Malaysian Society events. I also work for an external volunteer organisation.

Jie-Shi Chun
Law (LLB)


I did my A-levels at Victoria Junior College in Singapore. I was a student councillor, as well as the anchor fencer on the college's fencing team. The subjects I took were the usual Arts faculty fare, with compulsory math thrown in: History, English Literature, General Paper, and Economics. I really enjoyed the expository and argumentative writing that we did in General Paper, and have always been passionate about the intellectual rigour involved in law. So it seemed like the natural choice. Loving the facility of the English language also made me think that the any reading required in law would be infinitely more interesting than the readings in any other subjects (sometimes, how enjoyable it is makes it feel a little like cheating!)

Queen Mary really ticks all the right boxes for an international law student.

1) Location, location, location: Smack in the middle of the über-chic East End, with central London less than 20 minutes away - it cannot get better than that! From the hipster scene in Dalston, Angel and Bethnal Green (some may still insist on Brick Lane or Shoreditch, but really…) to the places of historic significance like Whitechapel, Monument, and London Bridge almost just a stone’s throw away, believe me, it is a most exciting place to spend most of your time in! Of course, London also means that the number of law firms and careers events you have access to is just overwhelming.

2) London, but not London-pricing: Queen Mary most wonderfully combines stellar academic and research standards with fees and living expenses that wouldn't threaten to bankrupt a small family. East End food and rent pricing, combined with a campus university that is constantly being refurbished really makes it the best value-for-money university, in my opinion. Add to that, of course, the Law department being ranked first in London and third in the UK (after Oxford and Cambridge)! The department is fantastic.

The research standards are of supreme standard, which means that the latest developments and any critical review of the law are always conveyed to us, first-hand. Law is constantly evolving so this is especially significant to any serious law student.

The facilities are great. There are experienced Graduate Student Advisors always on hand to help, the opportunity to be part of the multi-award-winning student Legal Advice Centre, and with that, an excellent range and variety of law-related student bodies that makes us spoilt for choice with the work placements, work experience schemes, legal competitions and activities available.

My favourite thing about the department however, is the people. They are all insanely qualified, most (if not all) leading academics in their respective fields, and most importantly, so approachable and dedicated towards their students. My first year criminal lecturer is now the Law Commissioner, my favourite property tutor (on top of being a brilliant teacher) speaks like the lord of manor and wears fancy cartoon socks to work, and my jurisprudence lecturer makes an otherwise daunting subject, so fascinating, accessible and provoking. It's when you have tutors like these that make the subjects come alive, that 3 years at Queen Mary just whizzes by in a blink.

The canal right by the campus is simply dream-like. At the start of each academic year, it's wondrously red and gold with the autumn leaves just littered along it. It is still warm enough for one to sit outside by the canal. Doing this during lunch hour, you can just hear the gentle murmur of activity on top of the lovely crunching sound that the leaves make with every passer-by. In winter, it's brooding, dark and haunting. The canal usually freezes over, and the white set against the darkness of the skies, feels like what it is - winter. And it’s completely still and silent. You’re in London, but in winter, by the canal, it’s completely silent! Spring and summer are so beautiful it makes you want to cry. Escaping to the colours, the activity, the brightness, and the smells in-between classes are such a luxury that I don't think students elsewhere get. Yes, I think having a canal by the campus (against a backdrop of old-fashioned red-bricked buildings, and fancy modern ones no less!) is a most wonderful feature of Queen Mary.

London is unlike anywhere else you’ll go to. It's got a great deal of character, and not always un-contradictory. But there is definitely something for anyone; in whatever mood they happen to be in. I love music. And London is an incredible place to play music, buy music, watch music and discover music. I’ve spent many a weekends browsing through old records in independent record stores, high-fidelity style. The gigs that London gets are overwhelming in quality and variety. There are always free gigs in record stores city-wide. These are intimate affairs that have people all huddled up indoors, looking awkward but all uniformly excited! Of those I attended, the most memorable ones have been The Raveonettes, Johnny Flynn, and The School of Seven Bells, and Stuart Murdoch’s (from Belle and Sebastian) book-reading in Notting Hill. Many of my friends have formed their own bands in university, and this has in turn exposed me to warehouse-style student gigging, and incredible open-mic acts all across town. The paid-gigs are also definitely much cheaper than what I would be expected to pay back home in Singapore. This has allowed me to catch spectacular acts like Beach House and Quasi for less than £15, which is totally unheard of back home. On the day we broke for Christmas last year, my flatmate and I even managed to catch The Pogues live. It’s all been quite magical. There are also annual music festivals in London itself. Stag and Dagger is my favourite, although the Portishead-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties’ festival at London’s Alexander Palace in June this year strongly rivals that.

London is brimming with culture. And everyone knows that London is like museum-central. Of all the major ones, the Natural History museum and the National Portrait Gallery would be my favourite. The former will sweep you off your feet with its attention to details and colour just in its architecture alone; and the latter is a most magnificent escape from the bustling crowd of Leicester Square. But I always like to urge international students to explore the quirky ones like Denis Severs’ House and the Soane Museum.

Food-wise, London is always incomparable. Tayyabs, just a short walk away from Queen Mary is an absolute gem. But from Spanish tapas bars, top-notch Chinese food, to the downright fancy, like Gauthier in Soho, London really has something for everyone.

The UK has world-class universities, and has had a long time to cultivate a culture of learning and teaching (both within and without the classroom) that Singapore has yet to achieve.

Fahad Alnaser
Academic Campus English

“After completing my degree in law in Kuwait, I decided to apply for the Law LLM. I chose London because it's a great city where you can meet people from all over the world and visit lots of museums. And I chose Queen Mary, University of London because it's one of the best universities in the world and it offered exactly the program I was looking for.

“I am taking the Academic Campus English course, and have found it useful and interesting. The teachers are helpful and friendly. I like the College campus especially the library. I have spent most of my time there reading books. Overall, I am really enjoyng my time studying in London.”

Stephanie Clemens
BA Business Management


'After enrolling as a full year study abroad student during the 2011/12 academic year I enjoyed the experience so much that I made a successful application to transfer and complete the two remaining years of my degree at Queen Mary.  In September 2012 I transferred from the University of Massachusetts Boston and joined the BA Business Management degree.
My favourite thing about Queen Mary and London and one of the main reasons I chose to stay is the people; my flat mates are great, I’ve made many friends and met people from all over the world. It is a very social place and I love how everyone talks to each other. I’ve also travelled extensively and met some really inspiring people. In Italy I met a lady who had built up a successful business back home in the US and decided that she wanted to travel around the world, she was in a position to do so since the business was going well and she could afford it. You meet people and see the world from a different perspective.
There are some great neighbourhoods near campus and I am often at Brick Lane, Shoreditch and Hoxton. When I first arrived in London I tended to go to places in the west end of London, now I tend to stay more in this area.
I’m excited to finish my degree here and possibly stay in the UK to work after I graduate. Being a business major I think this experience has definitely helped me in terms of my career. Obviously London is a very international city and a world centre for business and the experience of living and studying here will be invaluable. I hope in the future to work in marketing/advertising.'

Sarah E Dooley

General LLM


'My path to Queen Mary spanned nearly two years. I first considered a postgraduate law degree while I was still a law student in New Hampshire. I wanted a degree that would expose me to very specialized knowledge in immigration law. By that point I had nearly two years of experience in US immigration law, but I wanted exposure to other immigration schemes and to have a broader knowledge of the comparative law. When I started my search, I was only able to find a handful of schools where taking immigration courses at the LLM level was even possible, and only at Queen Mary was I able to focus my entire LLM study within the field. Upon my learning about the program, I e-mailed Dr Mitsilegas, the LLM tutor and a professor of EU immigration law. I received an answer immediately. His answer was so thoughtful and thorough, and really made me believe that my research interests would be fostered and encouraged. I knew this was the school for me, plus it had the ultimate bonus of being in London.
When I ultimately decided to come to Queen Mary, it was nearly one year later, and I was at a crossroads in my career. I had graduated from law school one-year prior, had recently been admitted to the bars in California and New Jersey, and was clerking in the Family Division of the New Jersey Superior Court. I had several opportunities to stay in New Jersey and work as an immigration attorney, but I wanted something different. Queen Mary came back into my mind. I applied, was accepted, and after many e-mails between Dr. Mitsilegas and myself, and having the counsel of former professors, my family, and my supervising judge, I came to the realization that coming to Queen Mary was the right choice.
Since arriving in London, I have never regretted my decision to come. While I am one of very few students making an exclusive study of immigration law, the personal attention from the faculty has been incredible. I love my courses, I am studying comparative immigration law, immigration in the European Union, and the legal treatment of migrants once they enter a new host nation. It is fascinating. I have had the opportunity to work under the supervision of some of the premier academics in the field. I also have been given the opportunity to further my studies by being selected to attend a summer school in Vienna hosted by the European Union to further study security, border control, human rights, terrorism and public policy.
Queen Mary also provides a great deal of support. While I am a native English speaker, I have taken advantage of legal writing classes for both my dissertation and my upcoming exams. I am also a member of the LLM Staff and Student Liaison Committee which is a group of student representatives who meet with academicians and law school administers to discuss issues as they arise. The University and the School of Law want to make sure that we succeed and they provide the tools for us to do so.
Living in London has also been fantastic. When I first arrived, Queen Mary arranged for international students to be collected from the airport so I didn't need to arrange private transport. They also provided orientation to the local area, the services provided by the school, basic living (like banking and healthcare) in London, and studying law at the LLM level in the United Kingdom. I also have become involved in activities that I never would have thought of doing, like fencing. I am actually even competing now. Also, London has endless possibilities in restaurants, nightlife, museums, and culture.
I would recommend anyone to study at Queen Mary. Coming here is one of the best decisions I have ever made.'

Shana Hofstetter

LLM Commercial and Corporate Law


'Before attending Queen Mary, School of Law, I had completed my Juris Doctor at William & Mary School of Law in Virginia, USA. I decided to become a lawyer after working at a think tank specialising in economic development.
Queen Mary's programme in international commercial law was a great fit with my interest in international trade issues. The course struck a balance between public and private international law, which opened up a number of career opportunities. After my degree, I will return to the United States and pursue a career in international trade law in Washington, DC.'

Ben Lambert

General LLM


‘The faculty and staff are a large part of what drew me to Queen Mary. While spending a semester in London I happened to meet one of the law school professors who inspired me to return to the UK to pursue an LLM. Initially I was unsure about enrolling in the LLM programme as I was unfamiliar with law schools in the UK and the different programmes offered. The professor took the time to provide advice about the LLM programme at Queen Mary and also encouraged me to research other schools as well, to ensure the programme was a good fit for me. Most of the people I have encountered at Queen Mary over the course of my studies were just like her: open, encouraging, friendly and genuinely interested.

As a law student at Queen Mary, not only do you have the opportunity to increase your professional network by attending seminars and conferences outside of the classroom; you also have the ability to interact with students from all over the world. I made several close friends from many countries. We explored all that London has to offer together, and now I have friends and places to stay all over the world!’

Rebecca Lanctot

Current PhD Student, former
participant on the Semester in London


“I first attended Queen Mary as part of a study abroad program after my first year of US law school. I was very impressed with members of the
faculty, who opened my eyes to the world of international arbitration. I became further acquainted with Queen Mary’s excellence with my subsequent participation in the Willem C.
Vis International Arbitration Moot Court Competition; where Queen Mary’s team took first place in the 2007 Vienna competition. After
earning my JD and becoming licensed as an attorney in Minnesota, I returned to Queen Mary to begin my doctoral studies of applicable
law and jurisdiction in international commercial arbitration with Professor Mistelis’s supervision. In addition to a primary supervisor, a second supervisor is granted
where at all possible to ensure your individual research and guidance needs are met. All supervisors at CCLS are consistently
working on important research projects and publications, and this will often give research students the opportunity to assist, thereby
expanding their knowledge and experience.”

Ashley Steed

MA Theatre and Performance


'As a former study abroad student at Queen Mary, I was eager to re-join the well respected and top rated Drama department. Having lived here before, I was able to quickly jump in without much of a culture shock. My MA programme is small and throughout the programme we’ve all become a mini-family. It’s so refreshing to be around like-minded people whilst simultaneously having very different research interests. My classes are rigorous and challenging which have really expanded, stretched and encouraged me to grow as both a practitioner and scholar. I’ve been able to organically develop my dissertation research and follow my own interests freely. The support on campus is also fantastic; anytime I’ve had problems, someone has always helped me out – from the International Office to the Advice and Counselling Office to Admissions and Fees.

As an arts student, London really is a fantastic city to live in. I see anywhere from 2-3 shows, performances, galleries and/or installations a week (I would see more if time permitted) as there is always something going on. Queen Mary’s campus is tightly knit and easy to navigate and I also really love living in the East End. I’ve found that the east offers an eclectic range of shops, restaurants, architecture and history. It is so easy to get around here via tube, bus or (what I prefer) walking. Added bonus, it’s not over-run with tourists like central London. I’ve loved my time at QM.'

Garrett Turner

MA Theatre and Performance


‘I am a proud native of Florence, Alabama and attended Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia for undergrad where I studied Music and Creative Writing and was actively involved in theatre.
This is my third period of study in the UK. I have also completed study abroad programmes in Oxford and St. Andrews in Scotland. During those periods I made several trips into London and knew it was somewhere I’d like to return to live someday.
After applying for and receiving a Marshall Scholarship, I got that chance. Marshall Scholarships finance up to forty US students each year to undergo graduate study in the UK for one to three years ( The intention is that we will gain a lasting understanding of British society and strengthen the relationship between Britain and the United States.
I chose Queen Mary for myriad reasons; not the least because the Drama department here is first rate. The Theatre and Performance programme appealed to me specifically as I knew it would serve both my academic and artistic aspirations. I was also excited about the prospect of regularly venturing over to East London, a very vibrant and multicultural area of the city.
Outside of the time I spend studying, I enjoy playing basketball and going to see shows across London. Of late, I have been busy with rehearsals as I am playing the lead role in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun as part of Queen Mary’s celebration of Black History Month.
For my programme, I have class Tuesday through Thursday for about two hours each day. You will generally find in the UK that there is less class time, but you will need to undertake a lot of independent study. It takes some getting used to, but I enjoy the freedom.
I would certainly recommend studying at Queen Mary and in the UK in general. There is so much to be learned from even a short time abroad here. Although the US and UK share a common language, there are still many cultural differences, which can sometimes be shocking or frustrating. But the way to make the most of your time here is to accept those differences with an open mind and find out what you can learn from them and how they can help you grow.
For the second year of my Marshall Scholarship, I will complete another one-year master’s programme. After that I hope to use both my scholarly and creative propensities to propagate the power of performance as I move forward in my career.’

Racquel Quema, M.D.

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology


‘I am a Family Medicine physician with a special interest in dermatology since residency training, a challenge due to limited dermatology training in US primary care residencies. Post-residency, I was considering my options for further education when I learned about Queen Mary’s dermatology programme.

I ultimately decided to apply to Queen Mary due to its excellent ranking in quality of education, the impressive reputation of Barts and the London School of Medicine, and the incredible flexibility of learning deliveries offered. The part-time programme allowed me to study while continuing to work and enabled me to apply new knowledge learned from class to my clinical cases immediately.

I am amazed how this programme significantly changed my clinical practice in the span of one year. In addition, I was tasked to create a primary care dermatology clinic in my workplace, even before finals! I have very much enjoyed my experience and found the faculty at the Department of Dermatology very knowledgeable, practical, warm and supportive.’

Victoria Rose Solomon

MSc Medical Electronics and Physics

Victoria Rose


‘I did my undergraduate degree at Princeton University before applying for and receiving a Marshall Scholarship to study Medical Electronics and Physics at Queen Mary. Marshall Scholarships finance up to forty US students each year to undergo graduate study in the UK for one to three years.

Queen Mary was my first choice because of the fascinating research being conducted in my department. I knew the department specialised in my area of interest: the development of medical technology to assist people with disabilities and chronic diseases. Since arriving at QM, I have also been impressed by the teaching faculty. In one of my classes, the faculty member wrote the core textbook. As the class is small (6-7 students), I have been able to interact extensively with the faculty and ask more detailed questions about the class and contents of the core text.

US students will find that the teaching style in the UK is very different.  For example, you will most likely have less class time but will be expected to undertake more personal study. There are also often fewer problem sets/assessments, which sometimes results in less feedback from faculty.  The upshot is that this leaves you more time to read on your own or to explore London.

I love living in London and spend my free time exploring neighbourhoods and other areas of London. It is also so close to continental Europe that I have enjoyed visiting other countries as well. I have also been amazed by the diversity here; you get to meet students from all over the world.’

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