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11 March 2015

Although it sounds more like my grandfather, Thomas Huxley beautifully articulates the reason I chose to study as an international student at Queen Mary University of London by recommending, “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something”. In my journey to “learn everything about something”, QMUL has indisputably offered me the most challenging and fulfilling route in my pursuit of a career in English literature. Furthermore, being an international student in London has allowed me to “learn something about everything” by offering a plethora of events and activities for me to enjoy while getting to know the city and meeting new friends.

QMUL has clearly been the best choice for me as an international student. The University offers me a pathway tailored specifically to the time period I plan to research, and the teaching staff is a respected, engaged, extremely passionate group of professors under whose instruction I have been challenged and seen impressive growth, both academically and personally. Being tutored by some of the most eminent professionals in the academic research field has been both stimulating and exciting. It’s a humbling experience to be doing research and see your professors quoted in others’ research as the expert on a number of topics. Additionally, the research facilities available to me as a graduate student through QMUL are second to none. The state-of-the-art, comprehensive combination of libraries, archives, and museums put London far and away the most research-friendly city in the world, and QMUL ensures that its students have access to all the resources necessary for success.

Complementary to my studies, being an international student at QMUL and in London has been an exciting, social experience. QMUL has over 140 different societies for students to join, in addition to hosting events throughout the year both on campus and off. There are always social evenings at the pubs on campus, and at least one day trip or weekend trip offered each month that are specifically for students. These are all great ways to meet people, and that’s just on campus! Across London there are literally hundreds of events and activities offered each week, which also provide ample opportunities for trying new things and making friends.

Personally, I’ve been involved with volunteering through QMUL’s Student Union and I also serve as one of the course representative for English Post-Graduates. I’ve met so many new and interesting people in both activities, and made great friends along the way. If I’m not studying, I spend most of my weekends exploring London. I love how each part of the city has a very distinct character, and have spent some lovely afternoons chatting at markets or in parks with locals about their part of town.

As an international student in London, I can guarantee that you will “learn something about everything, and everything about something” if you use the amazing resources available to you and are open to new ideas and experiences. Choosing to study in London is by far the best decision I’ve made for myself. I’ve grown exponentially both as an academic and as a person because of the challenges and new experiences I’ve encountered in London. I know that I have become a much more open, aware, and knowledgeable person because of it, and my growth would not have happened without the faculty, programs, and opportunities available to me as a student at Queen Mary University of London.



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