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Five benefits of being an International Student in the UK


23 April 2015

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1. Experience a foreign environment
Whether you come from another English speaking nation, or from an entirely different culture, you’ll find plenty of interesting differences and things to adjust to in the UK. From the multicultural society and endless discussions about the weather, to roundabouts and our love/hate relationship with marmite, there are still plenty of British quirks!

2. British education
The British education system is one of the oldest in the world, and is still considered amongst the best, particularly at higher education level. The UK qualifications are internationally recognised, so that no matter where you go, your degree will be valid.

3. Learn how to communicate across cultures
So you think you can speak English? Here are some differences you might not know! We have autumn, not fall. We open the boot, not a trunk. We have caravans, not trailers, and we have car parks not parking lots. French Fries are chips, and chips are crisps. These are just some of the linguistic riddles you will have to solve, so communicating across cultures – even if you speak the language – will certainly be an experience.

4. Make lifelong friends
Almost everyone who goes on any type of study-abroad programme goes back home with lifelong friends. There is something about intense experiences in foreign cultures that is conducive to great friendships. Whether you end up being friends with other international students, or the local UK students (hopefully both!) you will have the opportunity to build some wonderful lasting relationships.  And with Skype, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others it is easy to stay in touch wherever your career takes you!

5. Improve career prospects
International studies are great for career prospects, because you can not only show off your British education, but also the myriad of transferrable skills you pick up along the way. If you do work experience or internships whilst studying your degree, even better. Most companies work on a global basis now, and people who can understand and work across different cultures are highly valued.

What do you think are the benefits of being an international student in the UK? Tell us in our comments section below!

• Blog provided by Dolly Garland, MA English Literature student at Queen Mary University of London.



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