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Phang Yu Jia, Faith

 Phang Yu Jia, Faith

My name is Faith Phang and I graduated from Queen Mary Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) in 2014 with an LLM degree in Intellectual Property (IP) Law. During my time in CCLS, I was a Course Representative for the LLM student cohort and part of the Postgraduate Law Society (PGLS) Social and Charity Work groups. I am currently a Trainee Lawyer in Bird & Bird LLP's Singapore office, specialising in IP Law and am working towards getting qualified to the Singapore Bar.

I decided to pursue a LLM as I did not know what I wanted to do after my undergraduate studies. I wasn't sure if I wanted to practise as a lawyer, pursue a career as an in-house counsel or do something unrelated to law. I am very grateful to Professor David Llewelyn who got me interested in Intellectual Property Law when I took his module, International Commercialisation of Intellectual Property. I love the interaction between IP and business, especially  creative industries. I wanted to learn more about IP law and evaluate whether a career in IP Law is the right thing for me. Professor Llewelyn recommended QMUL as the best university in UK for IP. I took a leap of faith and applied.
It was truly the best decision I have made. CCLS has an impressive LLM offering, with more than 20 Law specialisms and more than 100 course modules! I had a hard time choosing the modules because they were all very interesting. This is great for students who are interested in the breadth of modules offered. With professors who have an immense wealth of subject knowledge, the depth of modules are guaranteed as well.  

During my time as a Course Representative, I was actively involved in feedback sessions with CCLS, acting as the bridge between my peers and the school. The professors and the University are genuinely interested in students' welfare and are dedicated to developing students to enter the workforce upon graduation. As a member of the PGLS, I organised several events, such as a Cultural Thanksgiving and Fundraising Dinner, Charity Photo Exhibition and Charity Football Tournament. After graduation, I continued to be active and contribute back to CCLS through assisting the Careers team with compiling the weekly careers newsletter for all CCLS students.

As the Alumni Ambassador, I aim to share my experiences and hope to offer assistance to help potential students make informed decisions not just about studies, but career as well. I'm just an email away!

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