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Olga Solodkina

 Olga Solodkina

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Hello! My name is Olga and I was a student from Russia studying International Relations. My personal experience at Queen Mary has been very rewarding and enjoyable.

I have always wanted to study International Relations and QM seemed as a good place to start exploring this field. One of the most important things about Queen Mary is the outstanding knowledge and quality of the academic staff. The staff of the School of Politics and International Relations has an excellent reputation in research and they are always there to help you if you have any questions or problems.

The course has definitely equipped me further in understanding of International Relations and also instilled in me a different way of thinking about many issues that I previously took for granted. Indeed it has been a very interesting intellectual journey and one that I recommend everyone to undertake.

For any Russian students it is important to know that education in the UK slightly differs from what one can expect to find in Russian universities, as it involves a lot of self-study and the examination process is not the same as in Russia. However, these differences are explained at the beginning of the first academic year and university regulations are very easy to follow.

Queen Mary is one of the universities that can be proud of its rich and diverse environment. The student community is very welcoming so it is not long before any student will feel at home. For me it was a tremendous learning experience to study with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and different personalities, especially when studying Politics or International Relations. Not only it is a wonderful opportunity to discover something new about yourself but also to make lifelong friends.

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