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Allison Rudzitis

 Allison Rudzitis

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In 2013 I graduated from Queen Mary with a Bachelor of Laws (Senior Status) degree. My decision to come study at Queen Mary was based on the school's excellent reputation and recommendations from professors during a previous degree. My experience at Queen Mary was incredible - not only was I lucky enough to receive a first class education, but also to live in a major, international centre. What I loved most about my experience was the chance to learn from actual legal experts, who are incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about what they teach.

In terms of job prospects, I have found that potential employers are consistently impressed by my attendance at Queen Mary, and view my experience as a major asset that positively distinguishes me from a sea of otherwise uniform job applications.

Attending Queen Mary was one of the best decisions I ever made and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something both unique and challenging.

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