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Research with an international impact

We conduct research that is making a difference across the globe – improving health, social and living conditions, advancing our knowledge and understanding in specialist fields, and influencing public policy and debate. Here are just a few examples.



Macao Polytechnic Institute-QM Information System Research Centre (ISRC)

Founded in 2004 by the Macao Polytechnic Institute and Queen Mary, University of London, The Joint Research Centre undertakes a wide range of activities in the telecommunications field - from system architecture design to application development. Increasingly the Centre is focusing on combining technologies in areas such as cyber security; internet computing and artificial intelligent gaming ‘bots’.



Zhengzhou University in Sino-British Centre for Molecular Oncology

A collaboration set up in 2006 between Barts Cancer Institute and Zhengzhou University in Henan Province, China, the Centre is developing viruses to treat cancer. Cancer is on the increase in China, and an exchange programme is helping to train Chinese scientists in cutting-edge molecular oncology technology. The work is progressing through preclinical validation studies before clinical trials at the Institute and in Chinese centres.



Photo by Karen Roe - Flickr

Multilingual Capital: A Resource for London Communities

A new centre aimed at helping immigrant families in London retain their minority languages, has been established at Queen Mary. Dr Esther de Leeuw and Dr Devyani Sharma, from the Department of Linguistics, set up Multilingual Capital: A Resource for London Communities to identify challenges and solutions across immigrant communities.



QM scientists celebrate Higgs boson discovery

The particle physics group at Queen Mary has been involved in the design and construction of essential components of the ATLAS apparatus, as well as analysis of the data at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva (CERN). Read more



New study of economic lifeblood in Welsh rivers

Scientists from SBCS took part in a new £3m study into the importance of biodiversity in preserving the quality of Welsh rivers and the many livelihoods that depend upon them. Read more



Ecologists gain insight into the likely consequences of global warming

A team of scientists from SBCS went to Iceland to study a set of geothermally-heated streams to uncover new insight into the impact that warmer temperatures could have across the world. Read more



Arab Spring

Dr Chris Phillips is a media commentator offer a perspective on the current crisis in the Middle East and what this means for the wider world. He has been investigating the role of Arab identity in politics and international relations and has a particular interest into Syria and Jordan.



Latin American Politics

Professor James Dunkerley is one of the foremost scholars in the field of Latin American politics and modern history. He has written several publications and specialist areas include Brazil, Bolivia and the USA. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Council (Canning House).



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French Politics

Dr Rainbow Murray’s research focuses on gender and politics, French and comparative politics, elections, representation and political parties. She is currently working on "The Impact of Gender Quotas on Parliamentary Representation", which explores the impact of the French 'parity' law on parliamentary representation in France.



Slumdogs and Millionaires: geography Mumbai field-trip

Geography undergraduates headed to Mumbai to explore the geographical diversity of people’s lives in 21st century India. The Global South fieldtrip was designed to expose the students, to the stark contrasts that characterise Mumbai from the growth of the city’s urban middle classes, and new patterns of consumption to high-end real estate and the informal economies of the slums. Read more



New research will investigate role of hygiene in infant growth

Dr Andrew Prendergast, Senior Clinical Lecturer in paediatric infection and immunity at Queen Mary, University of London, has been awarded a Fellowship by the Wellcome Trust to study the effect of improved sanitation on the health of infants in developing countries. Read more

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