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Erasmus+ Partner Summer Schools

Queen Mary University of London has established Erasmus+ exchange agreements with almost 100 universities across Europe. Many of those partners offer summer school programmes. These programmes offer our students the chance to spend time at one of our partner institutions over the summer on a language, academic or cultural immersion programme. Programmes vary in length, cost and content, but all QMUL students are eligible to apply.

Any questions should be directed to the host university directly. Applications need to be sent directly to the partner as well. QMUL is not involved in the selection of students but is only promoting participation

More information is available on the links to each Summer School website.


University of Cyprus

Information for 2018 will be updated when available.

Dates: 9th - 21st July 2017

Details: The University of Cyprus runs a course in Peace and Conflict Studies via the Department of Social and Political Sciences. 

Fees: Tuition fees are between €800-€1000 (approximately £680-£850). Accommodation is not on campus however the university have arrangements with local hotels. Prices vary between €250 - €350. Please check the summer school website for a detailed list. 


Technical University of Denmark

Dates: 2nd-20th July or 6th-24th August 2018

Details: The Summer University DTU Programme offers courses with instruction entirely in English language for BSc and MSc students of engineering or related natural science programmes.

Please contact for all enquiries.


Kedge Business School

Dates: There are 4 sessions running between early June and late July 2017.

Description: Kedge Business School offers the opportunity to add a Euro-Mediterranean perspective to Business Studies in the beauty of the Provence region of France. There are also French language courses available.

Fees: €950 per course, with a 10% discount for those following a 2-4 week programme. This does not include accommodation or any personal expenses.

Université Catholique de Lille

Dates: Session 1: 24th May- 22nd June 2018. Session 2: 25th June- 21st July 2018.

Description: Université Catholique de Lille runs courses in Arts, Social Sciences and Business, French, Science and Engineering, and Law from the end of May through to July.

Fees: €2950. This includes tution fees, administration fees & a hospitality package (accommodation, transport & activities).

Université d'Avignon

Dates: July 2018 (TBC)

Details: Université d'Avignon are running courses both in French language and Theatrical practice, in association with the Festival Theatre of Avignon. 

Fees: €660 for students. This does not include accommodation or personal expenses.

Université Paris-Sorbonne

Information for 2018 will be updated when available.

Dates: Dependent on course taken, ranges from late June 2017 to late July.

Description: Sorbonne University offers courses in languages, philosophy, history of art, history, physics and biology to students from across the world.

Fees: Dependent on course taken, however accommodation is not provided.


European University Viadrina (Frankfurt Oder)

Dates: May 30th- July 13th 2018, July 9th-July 20th 2018. Please see courses for details. 

Details: Students can choose from 'The Liberal Order in Crisis: Authoritarian, Radical, and Populist Challenges to Democracy in Europe', Business Administration and Economics Courses and The European System of Human Rights Protection.

Fees: Dependent on course. Please email  for all enquiries relating to this programme.  

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Dates: 3rd - 27th July 2018 or 6th - 30th August 2018. Please check individual courses. 

Details: The University of Hannover offers a number of short term programmes, including Summer Schools in German language learning. 

Fees: Dependent on Course. Range from €595 upwards. Housing is at an additional cost.

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Dates: Dependent on course

Details: Each year, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) organizes various courses during the summer semester break, such as translation and linguistics via the ISG programme, as well as singing within the School of Music.

Fees: Please check each course individually and see what this includes as accommodation may not be offered in some packages. Students should expect to pay their own travel and insurance, as well as any other living expenses.

Universität Bayreuth

Dates: 1st-15th July 2018.

Details: The Bayreuth International Summer School (BISS) welcomes students from all over the world to join their courses at the campus of the University of Bayreuth. Organized by the Campus-Akademie in corporation with the International Office, four courses are offered with renowned national and international lecturers. Courses include: Economics & Management, Engineering & Polymer Science, Public Health and Environment, African Studies and Energy Climate. There are also 2 optional field trips for students to take part in.

Fees: €940 or an early bird fee of €840. This includes course fees, lunch, welcome and farewell dinner and field trips. Accommodation can be provided at an additional cost. 

Universität Mannheim

Dates: July 21st-August 11th 2018.

Details: The Mannheim School of Humanities will offer its 6th international Summer School. Participants can choose up to 2 of 4 courses on offer, taught by internationally renowned professors from North and South America as well as Africa who are invited from abroad specifically for the 2018 Summer School.

Fees: €110 registration fee plus €70 per course. This does not include accommodation, flights and any other expenses.

Mannheim Summer School information booklet [PDF 1,987KB]


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Information for 2018 will be updated when available.

Dates: 5th-13th July 2017

Details:This summer school is aimed at law students, young graduates and professionals with a background in law. Applicants with a background in other disciplines that are relevant to the theme of the summer school will be considered as well. All courses are taught in English. Although applicants are not required to present an official certificate of language proficiency, they need to be fluent in English in order to follow the courses and interact with fellow students.

Fees:€350 (approximately £297). This includes tuition, transportation to/from the venue, course materials, certificate of attendance and participation in the farewell event. There is an “early bird” fee of €300 (approximately £255) to all participants who register before 27th March 2017. 

See attached for further information.


Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Dates: 2nd -20th July 2018

Description: Bocconi Summer School offers seven courses in Digital Marketing, Economics of European Union, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Equity and Venture Capital Financing, Fashion and Design Management, International Business and Luxury Management, open to 30 selected participants. Please see here for more information.

Fees: €1,700. This includes: academic program, public transportation card, Hospitality card, a session of Italian language and culture and company visits and social activities. Students may apply for on campus housing for an additional fee.


University of Leiden

Dates: July 2 - July 27 2018

Details: Held in the picturesque Dutch city of Leiden, this programme offers students the chance to study aspects of American Law taught by distinguished Professors from Columbia University, New York. Find more information here. More information is also available in the Leiden summer school brochure [PDF 691KB]

Fees: €2950 if you are currently enrolled in full-time education, with an early-bird fee of €2700. This includes: tuition, accommodation, study materials for courses and all administrative expenses, including those of the extracurricular activities, lunches and farewell diner.

VU Amsterdam Summer School

Dates: Session 1: 30th June-14th July. Session 2: 14th-28th July. Session 3: 28th July-11th August

Details: The VU Amsterdam Summer School offers interactive small-scale courses. Their courses are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your topic of study. You will engage in discussions with a unique group of peers, from all parts of the world. All courses include built-in excursions to museums and institutes such as the Anne Frank House and the International Criminal Court. Personal guidance by your instructors, all excellent professors at VU Amsterdam, and a stimulating cultural environment provide a meaningful and lasting experience. More information can be found in the VU Amsterdam brochure [PDF 1,389KB]

Fees: The tuition fee is between €1000 - €1150 per course. Accommodation can be provided at an additional cost. Students should check the website for any available discounts.




Koç University

Dates: The duration of the program is at least 7 weeks. Beginning and ending dates might be flexible to accommodate the needs of students. 

Details: Research assistanship program for undergrad students that builds their research skills. For more information please see here

Fees: No tuition fee and free accommodation at Koç's campus dormitories.   


Pompeu Fabra University

Dates: TBC

Details: The UPF Barcelona Summer School aims to prepare undergraduate students interested in furthering their knowledge of Hispanic Studies, Audiovisual
Communication and Political Science during the summer term.

Fees: Prices range from €900-€1750. This does not include accommodation.

Universidad Autònoma de Madrid

Information for 2018 will be updated when available.

Dates: June 12th- July 20th 2017

Details: This summer school is particularly for those who have an interest in Economics and Business. The courses are taught in English by professors of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies. It brings together students from all over the world in a truly international environment. There are also some social and cultural events as well. 

Fees: Tuition fees can cost anywhere between € 974.25- € 1,499.25 (approx. £843- £1298). Accommodation and other expenses are not included. 

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Dates: 9th- 27th July 2018

Details: Students can choose from a range of courses, including those related to Health Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Further details will be updated shortly.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Dates: Session 1: 25th June-13th July 2017. Session 2: 16th July-3rd August 2018.

Description: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona offers courses in undergraduate subjects across a range of fields, including architecture, design, education, international economy, television, nanotechnology and nanoscience.

Fees: Dependent on course with a separate fee for accommodation.


Université de Genève

Dates: Dependent on course

Details: Geneva Summer Schools is running intensive and interdisciplinary courses spanning subjects such as Business, Global and Humanitarian Issues, and International Law across June and July.

Fees: Dependent on course with a separate fee for accommodation.

University of Zurich

Dates: July 9-20 2018

Details: This short program is open to Bachelor and Master students from all subject areas, and will provide a historical, economical, political and socio-cultural overview of how Switzerland became the wealthy and globalized nation it is today. The program includes academic day trips to some of the most important multinational companies and political landmarks.

Fees: The regular fee for this summer school is CHF 2000 (approx. £1483). The fee includes: Tuition and application fee; final certificate; academic trips to Lucerne, Rütli, Berne, Nestlé and more; social program. This does not include: Accommodation and subsistence costs. 

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