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Global Opportunities

How to apply

For outbound student mobility during 2021/22:

Complete information about the application process and guidance on how to prepare can be found on the new QMplus page for outbound student exchanges, open to any Queen Mary student/staff via self-enrolment:

"Go Abroad, Student Information & Resources" QMplus page 

For students on a programme with a year abroad*:

  • Apply between 16 October – 20 November 2020 for ALL destinations
  • Deadline: 20 November 2020

(*) a) The above deadline also applies to any student who meets the eligibility criteria and has the permission of their Queen Mary academic School/Department to apply for a semester/full-year exchange at the University of California, The University of Texas at Austin and/or Waseda University (as these destinations have early internal nomination deadlines). If in doubt please contact your academic School/Department Coordinator well before the 20 November deadline.

b) Not applicable for students enrolled on degree programmes within the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures.

For students applying for an optional exchange abroad:

  • Apply between 01 February – 19 February 2021 only for destinations where spaces remain
  • Deadline: 19 February 2021
  • This is for all optional semesters/optional full years, for four-year 'with a year abroad' degree programme students who missed the 20 November 2020 deadline, or for any year 2 students who decide during 2020/21 that they wish to switch onto a four-year degree programme 'with a year abroad' yet are currently only enrolled on a three-year programme.
  • This is NOT for students who wish to include either the University of California, The University of Texas at Austin and/or Waseda University as destinations in their application, who should apply during the first application round as indicated above.

Students should register for and attend one of our "GO Abroad: Get Ready To Apply" workshops (formerly known as "Finance & Budgeting" workshops) that will be held virtually during autumn term, as attendance is monitored and presence included in the application scoring process. Visit QMplus page as indicated above for workshops dates and registration.

Am I eligible for the International Exchange Programme (IEP)?

You can apply to the International Exchange Programme if:

  • you are a current Queen Mary student,
  • your School or department has a bilateral exchange agreement with your proposed host university (this means that they are considered a "partner institution"),
  • you meet the requirements of your School or department’s IEP criteria.

Please review our Entry Requirements page for additional information.

Can I study abroad at an IEP partner institution if it's NOT included in my degree programme?

You may be able to go abroad for an optional exchange to an International Exchange Programme partner institution depending on your degree programme, or if not, change your degree programme to one 'with a year abroad' to enable you to study abroad for a full academic year.

You should speak to your academic School/Department Coordinator if you are contemplating this course of action.

Can I study abroad at an IEP partner institution if I am on a four-year degree programme?

Current Queen Mary students

If you are currently enrolled on a degree programme that includes the "with Year Abroad" option, you have already made the decision that you wish to go abroad when you selected this and submitted your application on UCAS. Therefore, your academic department expects that you will submit an application with the Global Opportunities Office during your second year, as you would be on track to go abroad during the third year of your course.  where you would provide your ranked selection of desired destination/s as well as your personal motivation.

If you are not yet enrolled on a degree programme that includes the "with Year Abroad" option, please see the above section.

Prospective Queen Mary students

If you wish to spend a full year abroad at an International Exchange Programme destination during your course at Queen Mary, you will need to select and apply for a degree programme that includes a "with Year Abroad" option when you submit your application directly on UCAS (available for most of our programmes).

Application procedure and what to do next

The application takes place centrally through the Global Opportunities Office.

For full details on how to apply including guidance on how to prepare your next steps, please visit the new QMplus page "Go Abroad, Student Information & Resources" open to any Queen Mary student/staff via self-enrolment.

How will my application be assessed? (selection criteria)

If you want to take part in the Outbound Student Exchange Programme, you should be in ‘good academic standing’ with your academic school: this means that you have met all of your academic obligations and are doing well on your degree programme (see the section for 'Current students' under the "Entry Requirements" sub-page via the left-hand navigation).

Places on the programme will be given to students with the highest grades whose applications show clear motivation and relevance for the requested destinations and where the academic offering at the partner matches the needs of the applicant's degree programme.

If you are applying to study at a partner university where courses are not taught in English, you should also be able to show a good knowledge of the relevant local language. Your motivation to go abroad may also influence the decision to award you a place on the programme.

Every department and school has different bilateral agreements deciding for which potential destinations you could apply; please ask your for details and recommendations before applying. This should also include preliminary research that many of the modules on offer to you would be relevant for your degree programme.

Your application will be assessed by both your academic department and the Global Opportunities Office and given a calculated ranking (number) out of 100 points on the basis of your:

  • Personal statement (included in application form) (50 points),
  • First-year grades (or your attendance record and overall contributions/participation in class up through the first semester for students applying in year 1 on three-year degrees) (30 points),  
  • Contributions in the community relevant to your application for your desired destination programme (10 points). You should include this in your personal statement and/or in your CV. This may include, for example:
    • Volunteer experience,
    • Work experience,
    • Extra-curricular activities,
    • Participation in societies,
    • Leadership positions held,
    • Etc.
  • Attendance at one of the "GO Abroad: Get Ready to Apply" workshops (see QMplus page for dates and registration).

Successful candidates will be made an offer for one destination only.

Disability & Dyslexia Application Information

We want all of our students to be able to enjoy the international opportunities we offer and get the most out of their study abroad placements.

If you think you might need additional support ­– of whatever kind – please let us know when you are considering your application, so that we can help you with your options. It is also a good idea to discuss what additional support you might need on your exchange placement with our Disability and Dyslexia Service.

If you think you will need any extra support on your placement, we strongly recommend that you discuss your application with us and plan ahead: depending on your host university, any adjustments you might need on your placement may take some time to arrange. Please contact and/or the Erasmus+ Manager to discuss further.