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International Exchange Programme entry requirements

UCAS applications - Queen Mary degree with a year abroad

Many Queen Mary degrees provide opportunities for you to extend the study of your chosen subject with an additional year abroad. This is a rare opportunity to live and study in a different culture, with the support of Queen Mary and the host university.  Experiencing life in another country while you are a student is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Students who study abroad as part of their studies find that it is a deeply enriching experience. Research also proves it enhances future employability and academic success. You can read more at Why Go Abroad?

Studying abroad is both beneficial and challenging.  It is important to be well-prepared, in order to gain the most from your study abroad. You will therefore be required to attain a minimum standard in your studies up to and including the academic year before you go abroad. Normally you will be expected to achieve an average of at least a 2.1 (60%) overall with no failed modules, though this threshold may be set at a higher level for individual programmes. You will be informed of the detailed conditions for the year abroad by your academic School once you start your degree. If you would like further information before you accept your offer, please contact the relevant academic School/Department Coordinator.

Please note if you are applying for a degree on UCAS with a year abroad, the initial entry requirements for with year abroad degrees can be found on the UCAS website

Semester and full academic year options (current students)

Please note that entry requirements vary across academic Schools.

If you are interested in a semester or full academic year abroad as part of your Queen Mary degree, please consult the webpages for your home School or contact your academic School/Department Coordinator. Please note that not all Schools offer a one-semester option to study abroad on exchange.