Global Opportunities

Choosing a programme

Choosing a programme to go abroad with is dependent on which degree programme your're studying, where in the world you'd like to go, how long you want to go for, if you want it to count towards your degree - as well as many other factors.

The best place to start is by speaking to your academic school or department about where students have gone in the past. Each school has an Erasmus+ and Study Abroad Coordinator who can give you advice.

You should also consider funding your programme and the length of time you want to be away for. For example, the Erasmus+ programme has funding for students to study and work abroad and our Summer Programmes give you the chance to spend just a short time abroad. Visit our programme pages for further information about each programme, use the links below if you know which programme you're interested in.

Erasmus+ within Europe

International Exchange

Erasmus+ beyond Europe (ICM)

Summer Programmes