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University of Western Australia

As an exchange student, there are a few things you need to know about going to the University of Western Australia. Learn more about the location, the courses and student life! 

Visit their website for more information about studying abroad at the University of Western Australia!


The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of Australia’s “sandstone universities”: universities dating back a century or more. UWA is the youngest of the sandstones, having been founded in 1911. It was the first university in the state of Western Australia.

Why complete an exchange at UWA?

  • Its teaching in life and agricultural sciences, psychology, education and earth and marine sciences is particularly well-known.
  • 11 of UWA subjects are ranked in the world's top 50 (ARWU Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020).
  • UWA is ranked 85th in the top 100 universities of the world (ARWU 2020).
  • 5 stars for student-teacher ratio, student demand, undergraduate teaching quality and postgraduate learner engagement (Good Universities Guide, 2021).


Study in Perth!

Perth is Australia’s fourth-largest city and capital of the thriving state of Western Australia. Consistently voted one of the most liveable cities in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the city offers an inspiring study environment with sunny weather, a relaxed outdoor lifestyle and beautiful natural scenery. Perth holds international appeal for its safety, strong cultural diversity and urban sophistication. The city’s cultural scene offers an array of activities, with plenty of festivals, eateries, modern bars and weekend markets adding flavour to the city and its suburbs.

  • One of Australia’s most affordable capital cities (Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2019, Economist Intelligence Unit).
  • Ranked 14th most liveable city in the world (Economist Intelligence Unit’s Most Liveable Cities 2019).
  • More than 200 different nationalities live, work and study in Western Australia

Level of competitiveness

Less competitive *

The level of competitiveness (Less competitive * / Competitive ** / Very competitive ***) refers to one's chances of being allocated an exchange space at this partner. This is an approximation determined by the number of applications received for this destination during the last academic year versus the total number of exchange spaces available to Queen Mary students. 

Academic Calendar

The academic year runs from the end of February to mid-November and is divided into two semesters, each with a mid-semester break:

  • Semester 1: late February to June
  • Semester 2: late July to mid-November

For more information, visit UWA's Academic Year Calendar


The Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs allow you to choose units from any faculty except in the areas of medicine and dentistry.

Subjects of study at UWA are referred to as units. You'll require each relevant faculty's (there may be more than one) approval for each unit you wish to take. The faculties will ensure you meet the prerequisites for each unit prior to your enrolment.

You can use the online Handbook to browse through the units offered at UWA. 

Visit UWA's website for more information on courses for international exchange and Study Abroad students.


Study Abroad and Exchange students must enrol in a full academic load of 24 points per semester. Most units are worth six points, so this generally works out to four units per semester.

Find out more about credit transfer and grade conversions.


UWA’s five residential colleges – University Hall, St Catherine’s College, St George’s College, St Thomas More College and Trinity Residential College – provide more than just a room. Each offers a world-class living and learning environment only a few minutes away from campus. Make lifelong friends from across Australia and around the globe, and enjoy a lifestyle that includes meals, internet, all your utilities and academic support, as well as social, cultural and sporting activities and programs.

You can apply up to 12 months before you want to live on campus. There is no deadline, but we recommend applying as early as possible – you don’t have to wait until you receive an offer from UWA.

Information on housing can be found on UWA Perth Accommodation page.

Cost of Living

Compared to other major cities around the world, living and studying in Perth is a smart decision for international students. Perth is more affordable than Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2018.

The annual cost of living in Perth depends on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation you choose, however, AUD$450–$600 per week is generally sufficient for single students to live comfortably. Consider extra funds to cover various items such as airfares and textbooks. There may also be ancillary fees applicable to your course.

Find out more about the cost of living.

Support Services

For information on accessibility, please visit UWA's UniAccess page.

Campus Life

Student life at UWA is dynamic, with social activities on campus organised by the representative student organisation, the UWA Student Guild. With a reputation for being one of the most active in Australia, the Guild runs more than 150 clubs and societies that cover a range of interest areas, from anime to zoology. These groups have about 15,000 members between them and organise hundreds of event each year, spanning balls, festivals, workshops, networking opportunities, competitions and more.

Social Media

Meet UWA! 

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Your guide to studying abroad at UWA (2020-2021) [PDF 3,242KB]

UWA Exchange and Study Abroad Fact Sheet (2020-2021) [PDF 3,593KB]