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Hunter College

As an exchange student, there are a few things you need to know about going to Hunter College. Learn more about the location, the courses and student life! 

Visit their website for more information about studying abroad at Hunter College!


Located in the heart of New York City, Hunter College draws on its energy and resources to provide students with diverse and enriching educational and career-building opportunities. Hunter College is part of The City University of New York (CUNY), the nation’s largest urban university. Known for its rich and academically rigorous environment, Hunter College takes pride in a curriculum as diverse and wide-ranging as its community. 


Hunter Colleges has three campuses in New York City, as well as satellite facilities in several Manhattan neighbourhoods.

Level of competitiveness

Competitive **

The level of competitiveness (Less competitive * / Competitive ** / Very competitive ***) refers to one's chances of being allocated an exchange space at this partner. This is an approximation determined by the number of applications received for this destination during the last academic year versus the total number of exchange spaces available to Queen Mary students. 

Academic Calendar

Semester 1: August to December

Semester 2: January to May 

For more information on important dates, check Hunter College's academic calendar


This opportunity is not available to Psychology students within the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences.


Students can take any courses in the School of Arts & Sciences, provided they meet any prerequisites.

Go to the course catalogue.


Students need to take 12 credits (usually four x 3 credit courses) per semester.

Find out more about credit transfer and grade conversions.


Students CANNOT apply for housing at Brookdale, but the other 3 dorms (79th Street, 92nd Street, and 97th Street) are now all open to exchange students (pending available space, of course). For more information, visit Living at Hunter webpage.

Support Services

The Division of Student Affairs offers a diverse range of programmes and services to support student success and enhance the overall educational experience of students.

Campus Life

Explore student life at Hunter College. Get links for information on where Hunter students eat on campus, find public access to computers, study with friends, work out, hang out and more.

Watch the video: A Day in the Life At Hunter College

Social Media

Hunter College:

Additional Resources

Visit the One Stop for Students webpage, where you will find student information and resources to help you explore Hunter College.