Global Opportunities

Pre-departure information

If you're visiting this page, then you probably have an offer to go abroad with Queen Mary. Congratulations! You've made a great decision to enhance your Queen Mary degree with an experience overseas on one of our programmes.  

Each programme offers pre-departure guidance and information varies depending on which programme you will go abroad with. For example; pre-departure presentations, email guidance, handbooks, forms to complete prior to departure. Please ensure you read all information you receive from us and your host institution carefully and complete all actions. It is your responsibility to ensure you are well prepared for your time abroad by following our guidance. If you are invited to attend a briefing it is highly recommended that you attend - not only is it a great way to get information from us, but also an opportunitiy to ask us questions and meet other students going abroad on the same programme. If you are departing on a non-credit bearing research exchange, you will likely have one-to-one meetings with your academic department and a representative from the Global Opportunities Office before your departure.

  • Students who have not been made an offer to study abroad by the Global Opportunities Office should not attempt to complete any application materials for any of our partner institutions.
  • Students who are made an offer to study abroad will be advised on how to complete any required materials by the Global Opportunities Office
  • Students who are made an offer to study abroad will be given access to an information area for their mobility programme via QMPlus (depending on the programme).

Please get in touch with the contact from the Global Opportunities Office for your mobility programme if you would like further information. 

Here are a few useful tips to get you started:

  • Read all guidance sent from us
  • Attend any pre-departure briefings as well as a Finance and Budgeting workshop
  • Complete ALL paperwork and actions from Queen Mary and the host instutution by the deadlines
  • Review our Health and Safety page
  • Obtain an offer letter of admission and relevant guidance on visas and insurance from the host institution
  • Review your host institution's information pages - familiarise yourself with their advice around pre-departure, class registration, arrival, healthcare, visas and insurance etc.
  • Ensure you have made any funding bodies supporting you aware that you will be going overseas
  • Useful resources: Lonely Planet, Foreign Travel Advice (UK Gov), Fit for TravelForeign Travel Checklist (UK Gov) - Please note the Government resources included here are for the UK Governement. If you are an international student going abroad with Queen Mary, you should also consult and make a note of contacts from your home country e.g. embassy contacts in your host country.

The list above is a start, but not an exhaustive list. Please ensure you do research about your programme and destination and contact us if you have any queries.


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