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Credit transfer & grade conversion

For outgoing undergraduate students completing a credit-bearing exchange 

Marking/grading schemes used at partner institutions are different from those used at Queen Mary. When you finish your studies at the partner institution you will receive a transcript of records. This should be passed on to the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator who will liaise with Registry, and with the Subject Examination Boards (SEBs) who will approve the conversion. This will be achieved with reference to the country specific grade conversion guidance that will be outlined on this page. Please note that an averaged mark/grade will be applied to the block of credit that will represent your semester/year abroad rather than individual marks for each module being recorded.

For outgoing postgraduate research students completing a non-credit bearing research exchange

Your research exchange will be recognised based on the evaluation of a reflective report that you will submit within 2 weeks of the end date of your mobility period to both your home and host research supervisors. They will evaluate to what extent you achieved the goals of your research plan as you set out in your Learning Agreement and what progress you made and results obtained. This reflective report addresses benefits both academic and those contributing towards personal develoment.

For outgoing undergraduate students in 2017/18 and 2018/19

SLLF and Law apply their own conversion scales.

SLLF students please consult the academic department.

At the Law Department, grades achieved during the year abroad are not converted to Queen Mary grades, as the grade average achieved abroad does not count towards the calculation of a student’s grade average at Queen Mary. However, performance during the year abroad can be taken into account at Queen Mary to decide borderline cases of degree classification (e.g. whether the degree will be 2.2 or 2.1). In this case, the grade conversion tables available below may be used as orientation to decide how a student has performed abroad and whether this can inform the decision about the degree classification at Queen Mary.

A single semester abroad will always count towards your degree classification. If you are going on a year abroad, it depends on your programme of study if and to what extend your achieved grades will count towards your final degree classification. Please consult respective Academic Regulations for details and also progression requirements.

The below conversion scales have been approved by Queen Mary’s Taught Programme Board.

India- O.P. Jindal Global University

O.P. Jindal MarkSuggested single QMUL Mark
O 83
A+ 75
A 71
A- 65
B+ 61
B 55
B- 49
F 0


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