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Erasmus+ beyond Europe (ICM)

The Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) Programme offers you the incredible opportunity of funded study at one of our partner institutions beyond Europe. You will gain valuable international academic experience within an established study exchange framework – and have the support of a generous grant while you study.

Queen Mary currently has Erasmus+ ICM exchange agreements with eleven partner institutions in seven countries beyond Europe. If you are an enrolled Queen Mary student, you are eligible to apply for a funded Erasmus+ ICM student exchange to one of these institutions. Where you can go depends on the inter-institutional agreements your department has signed with these institutions.

Your department is central to the programme: it handles both the application process and the allocation of Erasmus+ ICM places to our partner institutions.

How does Erasmus+ ICM work?

  • The Erasmus+ ICM Programme enables you to spend a semester or a year on exchange at one of our Erasmus+ ICM partner institutions
  • Undergraduate students studying modules: you can spend the first semester of your second year abroad as part of a three-year programme (subject to available grants and places). Also, some of Queen Mary’s four-year degree programmes (eg Law, SLLF) enable you to spend your third year abroad and come back to Queen Mary for your fourth year.
  • Postgraduate students and doctoral candidates conducting research: you can spend three to five months abroad during or outside of term time (subject to available grants and places, as well as to approval and admission by the partner institution).
  • Your study period abroad will count towards your Queen Mary degree.
  • The programme also gives you a generous grant.
  • Erasmus+ ICM students also receive a grant* to help towards the living and travel costs incurred to go on exchange
  • Undergraduate students can also get a tuition fee discount if you complete a full academic year abroad on exchange.

 *subject to available grants and places

N.B.  If you are a students from the School of Languages Linguistics and Film, you may be able to complete an ICM semester exchange and then an EU semester exchange, and still benefit from this fee-reduction. Please contact us on erasmus@Queen if you require further information.

Your Erasmus+ Coordinator

Each academic school also has a dedicated Erasmus+ Coordinator who will guide you through the application process and approve your module choices. They are your key Erasmus+ ICM contact.

Find out who is your Erasmus+ Coordinator


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