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Thematic Programmes

Queen Mary offers a range of thematic programmes which enable students on the Study Abroad Programme to select to study exclusively in one of our renowned academic schools. Classes within the thematic programmes complement one another and these thematic programmes have been carefully crafted for students who wish to immerse themselves in a specific area of study, taught by experts in the field. 

English & Drama Programmes

Student visiting the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London

Join our School of English and Drama for innovative suite programmes
that help you explore London and learn about the rich culture that is
available to you. Each programme has classes (modules) amounting to 45 Queen Mary credits that you will study on, plus an additional 'free choice' module worth the remaining 15 Queen Mary credits, with recommended modules. 

The following programmes are open for applications in the 2021//22 academic year: 


1. Shakespeare in the World: Then and Now
London in Shakespeare's time was, then as now, a global city. Study the period and the work of William Shakespeare in the city where he made his name; learn about how his plays have been received and interpreted around the world; and immerse yourself in them on the page and on the stage.

 ESH267 Renaissance Literary Culture
 ESH366 Shakespeare: The Play, The Word, The Book
 ESH5001 Global Shakespeare
• Free choice (1 x 15 credit module)

2. London and the World
London has long been a crossroads — and home to multiple worlds. Walk the city and learn about its history as a space of literary and artistic encounters, while engaging with its representation on the page, on stage, and in museum and gallery spaces.

 ESH279 Victorian Fictions
 ESH249 Art Histories: An Introduction to the Visual Arts in London
 ESH295 London: Walking the City
• Free choice (1 x 15 credit module)

3. Writing the Twentieth Century (FULL: April 2021)
How did writers and artists, in Britain and the US, respond to the events of the twentieth century in radical new ways? Study the literary and artistic experiments of Modernism while exploring the global city where it took shape; and learn how writers of the 1960s, on both sides of the Atlantic, harnessed the power of writing to effect social and political change.

 ESH213 Modernism
 ESH6030 British Fiction of the 1960s
 ESH271 James Baldwin and American Civil Rights
• Free choice (1 x 15 credit module)

The following programmes are open for applications in the 2021//22 academic year, depending on the semester to which you apply: 


1. The London Scene

Immerse yourself in performance in London, a global capital of performance culture, where theatre, carnival, art, intervention and protest are central to understanding the vital scene of historical and contemporary London life. Be introduced to vibrant work, performance practices and their histories and create your own performance work with expert practitioners in London's leading Drama department on the following modules.

For students with practical experience we offer the following suites:

Semester 1
 DRA220 Making Contemporary Theatre (30 credits, practice-based)
 DRA245 Action Design (30 credits, practice-based)

 DRA333 Offstage London (15 credits, seminar-based)
• Free choice (15 credits)

Semester 2
 DRA323 Madness and Theatricality (30 credits, practice-based)
 DRA316 Shakespeare after Shakespeare (15 credits, seminar-based)
• Free choice (15 credits)

2. Introduction to The London Scene

For students new to drama but eager to make the most of a study abroad opportunity in London to explore its world famous theatre scene, we offer the following introductory suites. These suites afford greater flexibility where students need to fulfil study requirements in other subjects whilst guaranteeing students a place on these popular and frequently oversubscribed modules. Note that these modules additionally fulfil broad requirements for “history” and “communication”.

Semester 1
 DRA114 London/Culture/Performance
 DRA261 London Performance Now (Cost of theatre tickets not included- max £100)
• Free choice (2 x 15 credit or 1 x 30 Credit module excluding Level 6 Drama)

Semester 2
 DRA122 Spectatorship: Time, Place, Performance
 DRA261 London Performance Now (Cost of theatre tickets not included- max £100)
• Free choice (2 x 15 credit or 1 x 30 Credit module excluding Level 6 Drama)

How to apply

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