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Queen Mary University of London has a long history of welcoming students from around the world. Over the years, many thousands of international students have graduated from the university and gone on to pursue successful careers. Today, we are home to students from more than 162 different countries and over 45% of our student body come from outside of the UK. This diversity contributes to a lively and welcoming community which should make you feel comfortable and at home.

We are one of the largest colleges of the University of London and one of the few with fully integrated teaching, research and residential facilities. Our setting provides our students with the benefits of both a large campus environment, and the countless academic and social opportunities provided by London.

There are currently 193 students from Singapore studying at Queen Mary who are enrolled on a range of degree programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Queen Mary has a staff based in South East Asia to support in country promotional activities including fairs and exhibitions.  You can get in touch with one of our in country representatives or Country Manager.  Details on our next visit or events can be found on these pages.

Entry requirements


Information on the comparability of international qualifications can be found on the Entry Requirements section under the listings for each programme in the course finder. Please note this information is only intended as a guide as the final decision on equivalency of overseas qualifications will be made by the Admissions Office at Queen Mary.

English Language Requirements

  • Please refer to English language and foundation courses for different course requirements.
  • Applicants with SIPCAL, IB or NUS High School diploma do not require an additional English Language certificate provided they have achieved a suitable grade in their Secondary 4 English Language test or Standard Level English.
  • Students who do not meet these requirements may be admitted onto a pre-sessional English course at Queen Mary. Please see the Entry Level Guidelines for English Language for full details.

For further information on how to apply, please refer to:

Student profiles and Alumni ambassadors

Alumni ambassador

Phang Yu Jia, Faith


My name is Faith Phang and I graduated from Queen Mary Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) in 2014 with an LLM degree in Intellectual Property (IP) Law. During my time in CCLS, I was a Course Representative for the LLM student cohort and part of the Postgraduate Law Society (PGLS) Social and Charity Work groups. I am currently a Trainee Lawyer in Bird & Bird LLP's Singapore office, specialising in IP Law and am working towards getting qualified to the Singapore Bar.

I decided to pursue a LLM as I did not know what I wanted to do after my undergraduate studies. I wasn't sure if I wanted to practise as a lawyer, pursue a career as an in-house counsel or do something unrelated to law. I am very grateful to Professor David Llewelyn who got me interested in Intellectual Property Law when I took his module, International Commercialisation of Intellectual Property. I love the interaction between IP and business, especially  creative industries. I wanted to learn more about IP law and evaluate whether a career in IP Law is the right thing for me. Professor Llewelyn recommended QMUL as the best university in UK for IP. I took a leap of faith and applied.

It was truly the best decision I have made. CCLS has an impressive LLM offering, with more than 20 Law specialisms and more than 100 course modules! I had a hard time choosing the modules because they were all very interesting. This is great for students who are interested in the breadth of modules offered. With professors who have an immense wealth of subject knowledge, the depth of modules are guaranteed as well.  

During my time as a Course Representative, I was actively involved in feedback sessions with CCLS, acting as the bridge between my peers and the school. The professors and the University are genuinely interested in students' welfare and are dedicated to developing students to enter the workforce upon graduation. As a member of the PGLS, I organised several events, such as a Cultural Thanksgiving and Fundraising Dinner, Charity Photo Exhibition and Charity Football Tournament. After graduation, I continued to be active and contribute back to CCLS through assisting the Careers team with compiling the weekly careers newsletter for all CCLS students.

As the Alumni Ambassador, I aim to share my experiences and hope to offer assistance to help potential students make informed decisions not just about studies, but career as well. I'm just an email away!

Student profiles

Jie-Shi Chun


Queen Mary really ticks all the right boxes for an international law student. The research standards are fantastic, which means that the latest developments and any critical review of the law are always conveyed to us first hand. Law is constantly evolving so this is especially significant to any serious law student.  The facilities are great. There are experienced Graduate Student Advisors always on hand to help, the opportunity to be part of the multi-award-winning student Legal Advice Centre, and with that, an excellent range and variety of law related student bodies that makes us spoilt for choice with the work placements, work experience schemes, legal competitions and activities available.


London is unlike anywhere else you’ll go to. It's got a great deal of character, and there is definitely something for anyone in whatever mood they happen to be in. I love music. And London is an incredible place to play music, buy music, watch music and discover music.

Looking back my favourite thing about the College were the people. All of my academics were insanely qualified and most importantly, so approachable and dedicated towards their students. My first year criminal lecturer is now the Law Commissioner, and my final year jurisprudence lecturer makes an otherwise daunting subject, so fascinating, accessible and provoking.

Michelle Law
BSc Biomedical Sciences


I did most of my early education in Singapore. Following graduation from Anglo-Chinese Junior College where I obtained my A levels, I was working full time at Accenture Singapore at Raffles City Tower for about half a year.

I absolutely love my department! My personal adviser has been very helpful and encouraging from the beginning of my undergraduate experience. It is also easy to get help during practicals since they are very well staffed. The SBCS control panel is a great learning tool because it is much easier to navigate than webCT/Blackboard and course organisers provide links to slides/lectures and additional learning resources. The department also provides opportunities such as summer school applications and working as an ambassador for their open days. There is a lot of self study required, the workload is about 30 hours a week including about 15 contact hours (including lab) but lecturers have mostly been very approachable and helpful. I’m most excited about research as most undergraduates have an opportunity to undertake a final year research project and work in research labs alongside other academics and PhD students.

I had never been to London before deciding to study in the UK. So far my experience has been great, from the usual tourist destinations, to something more local in East End like Roman Road or Vicky Park. I spend a lot of weekends visiting museums (since a lot of them are free!) or checking out open markets from Borough to Spitalfields. My favourite place has to be Columbia Flower Market on Sunday during warmer weather. Since I don't eat out very often, I love looking at fresh produce and it’s even better that it’s right at the university every Thursday.

I wanted to experience living in another country and culture on my own. I strongly believe that it helps build independence and character development.


To hear what other students have to say about Queen Mary, click over to the What our Students Say page.

Yeo Sam Jay
LLM in Medical Law 2011-12

Prior to studying law, I worked as an English Language teacher in Singapore and other parts of Asia. Upon completing the LLB course with the University of London International Programmes, I decided against practice and continued in academia, lecturing primarily in subjects such as Family Law and Common Law Reasoning and Institutions. A desire for deeper knowledge and passion for my job led me to embark on the LLM (Medical Law) course at Queen Mary; whose reputation and holistic excellence require no further elaboration.

The entire experience may be described as one that is both inspirational and liberating. There was so much to explore, so much to discover, making it a truly exhilarating journey for me. The teaching faculty exceeded expectations, in particular Professor Richard Ashcroft who may be described as a ‘star’ in the department. It was a rare opportunity for students to have come under the tutorage of an educator of his time, one who was both creative and meticulous in his lesson delivery.

I have no doubt that this course has benefitted me in more ways than one. The skills I have acquired will go towards inspiring my own students back in Singapore or at the Hongkong Polytechnic University, where I am also a visiting lecturer. Queen Mary School of Law has fuelled my insatiable quest for legal knowledge and allowed me to immerse in vast literature. The accessibility and vibrancy of London makes it a fascinating and conducive place for study. I recommend this experience wholeheartedly to other aspiring legal minds!

Jasjeet Singh


My experience studying law at QM has been amazing so far. Although there have been some stressful moments, in particular the exam period, the help and resources at QM have helped me through them successfully. There are a substantial number of international students here from Asia. In fact, we have a Malaysian and Singapore Society. This helps students settle in and get used to the environment as well as keeping us in touch with our culture. All in all, QM is a prestigious university not only for its academic courses but also for its rich international culture.


Stanley Jin-Yong Chew


Before joining Queen Mary I studied in Singapore for most of my early years and completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Anglo Chinese School (Independent) before coming to London. I wanted to broaden my perspectives and grow through the experience of being overseas and studying at Queen Mary University of London has been perfect for this.


The School of Law at Queen Mary has unique pro bono opportunities and a multi-award winning Legal Advice Centre. These offer valuable practical experience to law students that no other university in London provides. Queen Mary also offers an extensive list of clubs and societies; I am currently part of the Pro Bono and Bar societies. I have already had the opportunity to get involved with the street law project that helps raise awareness of student rights in schools. These kinds of opportunities combine both my passion for law and volunteering. Getting involved with clubs and societies at Queen Mary has helped me to obtain a pro bono placement at the global law firm, Dentons, that will begin in January 2014.

Culturally, London is fantastic city. Students have an unrivalled range of museums and galleries to visit and the food is incredible too. I love football and being a few tube stops away from White Hart Lane (Tottenham Hotspurs football stadium) is definitely something special for me. I really feel at home in Queen Marys diverse student community and blessed to have been provided with such unique opportunities.

Scholarships and Funding

Singaporean students are eligible to receive our Scholarships.

In country representatives

QMUL staff visit Singapore at least two or three times per academic year but we also have several representatives in-country to help prospective students submit applications to the College, apply for study visas, look at flights and accommodation and provide other services required by our students before they enrol at Queen Mary.

Please see below for details of our representatives in Singapore. Please feel free to make contact with any of them for assistance with your application to the College.

AUG Global Network
7 Maxwell Road,
#02-100 Annex B, MND Complex,
Singapore 069111
Tel: +65 6227 0380 | Fax: +65 6227 0389

IDP Singapore
Orange Grove Rd, RELC Building,
Singapore 258352
Phone:+65 6736 7025

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Country manager

Siewmang Yee is the Country Manager for Singapore and is happy to help any of our prospective Singaporean students with any questions they might have about the university.

Ms Siewmang Yee

Regional Manager - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore



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