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Leads: Gill Kirton and Will Monteith

Colleagues across the Faculty are researching work in the global economy of the 21st century from a number of different disciplinary perspectives, using a range of methodologies and covering multiple topics. The overall focus will be on ‘Work at the Margins’ including topics such as precarious work, job quality and decent work, boundaries between work and non-work, regulation and governance of work and workers, inequalities at work, modern slavery, stakeholder and trade union responses to marginal work, the post-wage economy. Activities will include:

Faculty workshop

A half day workshop of short presentations on the theme of ‘Work at the Margins’.

Film screening and discussion

Screening of the film ‘Workers’ by Ben Rogaly of Sussex University and Jay Gearing, followed by a panel discussion.

Focused meetings

Three focused working group meetings of colleagues interested in any or all of the following activities: (i) formulating a cross-School large grant application; (ii) developing small research projects involving two or more Schools; (iii) holding future cross-School events to disseminate our collective research on work; (iv) developing a strategy for public dissemination of our collective research on work using social media, websites, and blogs.

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