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Leads: Kavita Datta and Engin Isin

The Mobility theme organises four main activities to build on the Leverhulme Trust funded Mobile People doctoral scholars programme (QMUL-LTDS):

Creating an interdisciplinary network of research on mobility

The network builds on thematic areas already identified relating to different meanings attached to mobility entailing geographic, social, and physical mobility as well as embodied movement, which are sometimes but not always related to migration and asylum. The aim is to develop a coherent but heterodox understanding of mobility and engaging researchers on it.

Seminar Series

A periodic seminar series enables the development of the network of researchers working on mobility issues. In order to build synergies across different initiatives, this series is part of an Interdisciplinary Mobility Seminar (POL700) hosted by thCentre for the Study of Migration.

International Dialogues

Scholars from the Global South are invited to deliver public lectures. The aim is to build a global network of scholars associated with the mobility programme, to enhance the international scope of research undertaken at Queen Mary while also building our research.


Activities undertaken every year are capped with artistic performances that coincide with Refugee Week.