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IHSS Climate Emergency Working Groups

The recently established IHSS Climate Emergency Working Group began its work in January 2022 with a view to completing its activity by February 2023. The purpose of this latest faculty Working Group is to examine the Climate Emergency from a distinctively HSS perspective. Through a varied programme of work the group will consider how the Climate Emergency is framed and understood, communicated, and reacted to. It will consider, in particular, the interplay of scientific and social-cultural knowledge and the perspective of a citizens point of view upon the emergency. The group comprises experts drawn from across the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Queen Mary.

The members of IHSS Climate Emergency Working Group

Dr Tibisay Morgandi (The Centre for Commercial Law Studies) (Chair June 2022 - February 2023)

Prof Penny Green  (School of Law) (Chair December 2021 - May 2022)

Dr Andrew Russell (School of Geography)

Dr Caterina Gennaioli (School of Business and Management)

Prof David Whyte (School of Law)

Dr Alex Henshaw (School of Geography)

Prof Paul Heritage (People's Palace Projects) 

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