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The inaugural IHSS Annual Symposium with Thomas Piketty, Heather Boushey and Martin Sandbu

The inaugural IHSS Annual Symposium was made by Professor Thomas Piketty on his 2020 release, Capital and Ideology with responses from Heather Boushey and Martin Sandbu.

Speakers: Heather Boushey, Thomas Piketty, artin Sandbu

Continuing inequalities, wealth and power and wealth gaps versus income gaps

Capital and Ideology is the follow-up to Piketty’s bestselling Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2014) which was influential in changing the way politics, ideology and history are thought about. In particular, Professor Piketty focused on inequality and economic structures. The presentation was followed by a response from President and CEO of the Washington Centre for Equitable Growth Heather Boushey and Martin Sandbu, the Financial Times’s European Economics Commentator.

Read the coverage of the event in full here.

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About IHSS Annual Symposium

The IHSS Annual Symposium seeks to recognise and bring to Queen Mary each year a scholar who has recently contributed a ground-breaking piece of work in the humanities and social sciences.



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