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How To Save Our Democracies? with Rick Edwards, Peter MacLeod

The first in a new series of “in conversation” events was held at Queen Mary University of London on January 29 with a public discussion on the challenges and pitfalls of democratic politics today.

Group photo of Rick Edwards, Neal Lawson,  Peter MacLeod, Catherine Fieschi, Simon Reid-Henry

Group photo of Simon Reid-Henry, Catherine Fieschi, Rick Edwards, Neal Lawson and Peter MacLeod. Photo credit:Gary Schwartz.

With contributions from writer and presenter Rick Edwards, public consultation maestro Peter MacLeod of MASS LBP in Toronto, and activist Neal Lawson of Compass, IHSS Director Simon Reid-Henry, and GPI Director Catherine Fieschi chaired a lively discussion on journalism, citizens assemblies and the changes in the use of the media.

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Rick Edwards, writer and presenter public consultation maestro (@rickedwards1)

Neal Lawson, Director, Compass (@Neal_Compass)

Peter MacLeod, Principal and Founder of MASS LBP (@petermacleod)


Catherine Fieschi (GPI) and Simon Reid-Henry (IHSS)

Rethinking the Public

This event is part of the IHSS and GPI Rethinking the Public series.


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