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IHSS Large Grant seed-corn funding

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to fostering a vibrant and supportive research environment to build a long-term sustainable research culture.  The Faculty seeks to foster a research environment that enables academic staff to develop research expertise and interests that are consistent with our values and strategic aims. 

The seed-corn fund provides support to academic staff at various stages of their career, and its primary purpose is to pump-prime research leading to the submission of externally funded research applications. A primary aim of this scheme is to enable academics to develop a full proposal for submission to an external funder. The expectation is that such applications should be clearly identified and formulated in the application and should be substantial in nature and in value (from around £300,000 and above).

Key Dates

Status: Closed

Last call: 2019-20 (round 2). The deadline was 6pm, Friday 5 June 2020.

How to apply

Funded activties

Round 1

Micro-AP: Microbial activity in frozen Arctic Permafrost
Dr James Bradley (School of Geography)

Governing the ‘spatial imaginary’ after Brexit: the future of English city-regions Early Cinema in Hong Kong and Singapore
Dr Patrick Diamond (School of Politics and International Relations)

Early Cinema in Hong Kong and Singapore
Dr Mario Slugan (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)

A State of Legislatures: American Legislative Output, 1789-1861
Dr Daniel Peart (School of History)

Daoism on Film: Aesthetics and Practices of Anthropocosmic Cinema
Dr Kiki Tianqi Yu (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)

Momentous Triangulations: Thinking World Literature in Moscow, Delhi and Beijing
Professor Galin Tihanov (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)

Round 2



The Peace Project: Thinking Nonviolence in Visual Culture
Dr Guy Westwell and Dr Anat Pick (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)

Creating a chronological framework for linking climate, environmental change and human colonisation of the South Pacific
Dr Anna Bourne (School of Geography)

Designs on International Organisations
Dr Isobel Roele (School of Law)

Gender Bias and Witness Credibility in Sexual Assault Trials
Dr Erez Levon and Dr Yang Yee (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)

Political Parties and Democracy in Latin American Cities (PADILAC)
Dr Sam Halvorsen (School of Geography)

Digital Financial Inclusion at the Margins (DFI-ATM)
Professor Kavita Datta and Dr Philippa Williams (School of Geography)

Movement Parties: A New Chance for Democracy?
Dr Lasse Thomassen (School of Politics and International Relations)

Multimedia sharing in WhatsApp and its impact on reducing social isolation among transnational grandparents.
Dr Agnieszka Lyons (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)