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IHSS Early Career Workshop Funding Awards

The IHSS Early Career Workshop Funding scheme provides funding for the organisation of workshops with a cross-disciplinary dimension, led by ECRs across the Faculty and bringing together researchers across the academic units in the Faculty. 

Key Dates

Status: Closed

2020-21 round deadline: 6pm, Friday 29 January 2021.

How to apply

Application to this scheme should be made by completing the online application form.

If you encounter problems completing the form, please email Application guidance and a copy of the form can be viewed below. There is no save and return option with the online application form, so you will need to complete the form in one session. We advise preparing your answers in advance by reviewing the PDF version of the application form. 


Funded activities

Round 1

Dr Rachel Bryant Davies (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film) and Dr Hedi Viterbo (School of Law)

Dr Sydney Calkin (School of Geography) and Dr Giulia Zaninii (School of Business and Management)

Dr Ash Devasundaram (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film) and Dr Akshi Singh (School of History)

Round 2

Provincializing Anglo-American Feminism
Dr Leila Ullrich (School of Law), Dr Sydney Calkin (School of Geography) , Dr Claire English, (School of Business and Management)

Connected and Enduring Colonialisms and Decolonial Praxis – Exploring the Local and the Global
Dr Sharri Plonski (SPIR)

Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Queen Mary Research Network
Dr David Kennerley (School of History), and Professor Kiera Vaclavik (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)

“Cultural Finance,” a new and emerging area of economics that explores how cultural norms interact with financial decision making
Professor Jason Sturgess (School of Economics and Finance) and Dr Ben Holgate (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film)

Topology and spatial distribution analysis applied to environmental science
Dr Clementine Chirol (School of Geography)

Nationality Now: The History, Culture, and Politics of Contemporary Citizenship
Dr Nanor Kebranian (School of Law)

“The Role of Citizens in Reforming EU Democracy”
Dr Davor Jancic (School of Law)

Displacement and Refugee Protection in Latin America and beyond
Dr Marcia Vera Espinoza (School of Geography)

The Post-Wage Economy: Why we need to re-theorise ‘work’ beyond the wage
Dr. William Monteith (School of Geography) was awarded funding for the above workshop. A summary of his report can be viewed here.

Critical Area Studies and the Future of South Asia at QMUL
Dr Chris Moffat (School of History) and Dr Adhira Mangalagiri (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film) was awarded fuding for the above workshop.  Other colleagues contributing to the project are Dr Ash Devasundaram and Dr Shital Pravinchandra (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film), Dr Amit Rai (School of Business and Management) and Dr Philippa Williams (School of Geography).  

Launching the QM South Asia Forum [PDF 77KB]