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Institute of Health Sciences Education - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr John Broad

Lecturer in Medical Sciences



The major part of John Broad's current role is to design and lead physiology and anatomy sessions for Phase 1 students (including GEP and PA students). He also leads the Practical Enrichment sessions in year 1 of the MBBS course. His teaching interests are based around pharmacology, gastroenterology and neuroscience. Prior to his recent return to the London campus, John Broad was the head of year 1 in QMUL Malta, and led the physiology teaching. He was the Malta module lead for Brain and Behaviour, and for the Human Science and Public Health modules.

John Broad is the Deputy Head of SSCs and Electives for years 3 - 5. 

Before starting his teaching career, John Broad was a post-doctoral researcher based in The Centre for Neuroscience and Trauma. He specialised in human tissue gastrointestinal neuropharmacology.


John Broad is the co-lead for the GEP Brain and Behaviour course, and the GEP Principal Internal Examiner. He also acts as a senior tutor for year 1, and a MedPro supervisor. He currently supervises two SSC 4 projects, and two intercalated Medical Education projects. 


Research Interests:

My research interests as a post-doctoral researcher were in the field of neurogastroenterology. I am actively researching the teaching of pharmacology to medical students.


Full papers

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Review Articles


Book Chapters

  • Sanger GJ, Broad J, Callaghan B, Furness JB. Ghrelin and Motilin Control Systems in GI Physiology and Therapeutics. Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2017;239:379-416.
  • Sanger GJ, Broad J, Alpers DH. Peptide Drug Discovery and Development: Translational Research in Academia and Industry, First Edition. Edited by Miguel Castanho and Nuno C. Santos. (P269-94), 2011
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