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Cycle to Work Scheme

As part of the Government's Green Transport Plan Initiative and in line with Queen Mary’s well-being policy, the cycle to work scheme aims to encourage staff to cycle to work by offering significant savings on the cost of bikes and accessories. It is a salary sacrifice scheme that allows you to pay for the bike in monthly instalments whilst saving through tax and NI exemptions.

Cyclescheme, a service provider selected by Queen Mary, use local independent bike shops to help supply the right package of bike, accessories and safety equipment with expert advice.

The scheme uses a voucher system (bikes purchased by cash are not accepted in the scheme). You would therefore apply for your chosen package by;

  1. visiting your chosen bike shop and agreeing a price on a bike and accessories, where you will be given a paper quote
  2. visiting the following secure Queen Mary, Cyclescheme link;
  3. entering the details online
  4. accepting the hire agreement electronically
  5. requesting a secure voucher
  6. once received, a secure voucher will be sent to you
  7. you take the voucher back to the bike shop to collect the bike.

As this scheme is part of the government initiative to encourage people to cycle to work, it is a requirement of the scheme that you use your bike for at least 50% of work journeys. Travel by bike does not have to cover the whole journey and could be from your home to your local station. You can, of course, use the bike for leisure purposes.

For more information go to where you will find:

•          An online calculator to work out your monthly payments and how much you could save

•          A short video on how the scheme works

•          Shop finder for participating independent bike shops - just enter a postcode

If you have any questions, take a look at our Cyclescheme FAQ's [PDF 25KB] or speak with your HR Contact Officer.

If you are interested in learning how to ride a bike, free cycle training is offered by two nationally qualified cycling instructors from the security team. For further information contact Paul Markham-James or Security.

We strongly recommend that all cyclists wear helmets.

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