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Student perspectives - Gemma and Giulia

Read the thoughts of Gemma and Giulia about studying medicine at Queen Mary.

Gemma White 

Gemma White (Medicine MBBS student)

I’ve always wanted to study Medicine and live in London so my wish came true when I was accepted to study at Queen Mary University of London. I’m also the first in my family to study medicine so it’s a very big deal for them! 

Moving to London was more than I thought it would be  I’ve loved living here these past two years. I really enjoy the exposure we have to the variety of clinical conditions you see at The Royal London Hospital. 

I’m doing the five-year MBBS degree so the first two years or so is very lecture-based, which is why I really relish my placement day. This can alternate between a GP surgery and hospital, where I’m in the respiratory department. Even though it’s still early days, I’m starting to consider what field I’d like to specialise in  I’m leaning towards cardiology at the moment.  

My five-year plan is to complete my five years here, possibly intercalate at an external university and do my foundation years in London. 


Giulia Olayemi 

Giulia Olayemi, Medicine MBBS student

The diversity at Queen Mary – not only the location of the University but the student population itself – makes the institution an amazing and welcoming place to study. The multitude of support networks available to medical students, the Medical Education Support Society (MESS), and tutors that genuinely look after your academic and welfare needs make you feel part of the Queen Mary family and community. 

The variety of learning strategies implemented ensures that you are well supported. In particular, practising Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) from year one boosts your confidence in examining patients throughout your degree. 

I will become the first doctor in my family which is quite exciting! My highlight so far is being the Black and Minority Ethnic representative within Barts and The London Students’ Association, a subset of Queen Mary Students’ Union, which looks after medics, dentists and allied course students. 

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