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Preparing for university for the second time

Shreya blogs about her experiences starting the Graduate Entry Programme at Queen Mary

As a graduate student studying Medicine, I have had the opportunity to live in both East London and now central London during my time at Queen Mary’s and thought I would share my experience and tips to make it affordable!

In my first year of medical school this year I have been living in Barbican in the student accommodation in Dawson Hall. If you’re thinking of applying for halls for your first year of medicine at Queen Mary, I would really recommend Dawson, you’re never going to be able to live in Barbican for this price again and you’re so close to everything in the heart of London. I was initially apprehensive about the distance from Whitechapel campus, and you will pay a bit more for public transport in the first year, however, I have quickly gotten used to walking as much as possible which is also really enjoyable as you can explore and take in the amazing views! The bus links are also excellent to East London, so you don’t always have to use the tube.

In terms of budgeting for this year, things are more expensive in central London unfortunately but student hacks like getting a Clubcard for Tesco to save money, shopping and cooking in bulk all help. And though it is so difficult, limiting how many times you eat out in those tempting London cafes and restaurants is also important. There are also more job opportunities here in cafés, bookshops, and bars if that is something you want to do to earn some money whilst studying.

Living in London for the past 4 years has been one of the highlights of my university experience. And as the only true London campus university, Queen Mary offers very affordable and good quality student accommodation which I have really enjoyed living in. Apart from the ease, you also build a community of friends and support which makes settling in a lot easier!

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