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What else is special about Maths?

From the award-winning Mathematical Society to our MathsSoc Conference, you’ll be part of a community as you learn. 

Maths Soc

One of Queen Mary’s core aims is to deliver an outstanding student experience, and this is what School of Mathematical Sciences does – although you’ll find we’re not your typical learning environment.  

We have many engaging and supportive clubs and societies where you have the chance to take part in activities and events which, in turn, foster a sense of community. And we encourage you to get involved. 

 Alongside your fellow creative and curious students, you’ll assist in solving a number of problems which we face in the 21st century. With our world-leading academics and award-winning Mathematics Society, you will feel inspired and part of a diverse team. 

The Mathematics Society allows you to explore your love of maths while increasing knowledge, skills and, ultimately, employability.  

Social events  including pizza nights, laser tag, Pi Day celebrations and visits to Bletchley Park  are designed to reinforce your sense of community while hopefully also teaching you something. There are also residential trips to places such as the Mathematikum Museum in Germany, and academic events such as our MathsSoc Conference, which has hosted guest speakers including Matt Parker, Simon Singh and Emeritus Professor Peter Cameron. 

As part of your ongoing career development, we hold events where you get to meet major employers on campus and discover more about your career options. Examples of these are our popular annual Maths Impact Day and Maths Alumni Careers Evening, organised in collaboration with the Careers department, and events such as our recent ‘Application Tips and Tricks’ talk with Accenture. 

If you want to get more of an idea about what the Mathematics Society at Queen Mary University of London does, and their plans for the future, Lauren Ormonde and Emily Pulford (Co-President and Treasurer of QMMS respectively) offer some insight in an interview.