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Explore Maths

Explore Maths through research excellence and a flexible curriculum

From housing Queen Mary’s first computer in 1967, the School of Mathematical Sciences has grown to become one of the largest departments in the UK. Renowned for our research excellence and interdisciplinary partnerships, we ensure these strengths inform a curriculum that is flexible and enriching 

Introductions to advanced mathematical concepts will form a large part of your learning, as will exploring how mathematical objects and abstract concepts come together. Because maths impacts everyday life, you’ll get to grips with real-world issues to examine this impact.  

In terms of modules, we span the full mathematical spectrum covering calculus, algebra, probability and statistics, and financial maths. Many of these introduce you to fundamentals which can be explored in more depth throughout your studies. For example, Numbers, Sets and Functions (MTH4113) provides vital building blocks through the introduction of the main number systems, their construction and main properties.  

If you are aiming for a career in insurance or finance, there are several specialist programmes and modules. As part of our BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science, you will take Actuarial Professional Development modules in your first and second years (MTH4112 and MTH5127), in which you will hear from professional actuaries working in different areas of the field such as insurance and pensions, providing you with valuable and practical knowledge. 

Our joint programmes with the School of Economics and Finance and the School of Business Management allow you to take modules such as Financial Mathematics I (MTH6154) and Mathematical Tools for Asset Management (MTH6113) – meaning you’ll learn topics including macroeconomics and financial accounting from experts in a number of fields and will benefit from the support of two departments. 

At Queen Mary, your career development begins the moment you start here. As a maths student, you’ll have the option of a Professional Placement Year, where you will have the opportunity to apply for and work on a paid work placement for an organisation relevant to your studies, supported by the University. This is a chance to set yourself apart. You’ll develop business and professional know-how in a real-world setting, which will help to give you a head-start after graduating.  

Undergraduates can undertake an additional Year Abroad at an overseas partner institution, which provides the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and gain skills you might not have otherwise been able to pick up.