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It’s more than a gown

Hear from students and tutors at our 2019 graduation days as they reflect on the different ways their views were welcomed and valued, the space made for diversity and inclusion, the support they’re received throughout their learning experience, and how it all makes Queen Mary a truly special place.

We also sat down with one more of our students Amina Bibi, to reflect on the journey at Queen Mary and plans for the future. 

First impressions

Queen Mary was literally dreamlike, dreamlike in a very positive way in my first impression. I simply loved the campus, it felt like being in a movie about university life. And while those movies, more often than not, seem to forget about the actual study part, they can be quite accurate about the new challenges that a fresher has to face. Above all, the biggest impression which came through the very great and helpful SEMS department and Queen Mary Students' Union who helped me from my day one when I had to go and ask small or big questions about my documents and later on university queries. Those people in such departments of Queen Mary are my truly biggest inspirations which left an unforgettable positive impression on me that in future I would like to help others just like them.

Best memory

My Queen Mary experience is full of some of my best memories starting from my friends making journey from day one till my last exam when me and my friend Mufliha were walking down the Queen Mary sports centre after our last medical exam. I can never forget such moments which Queen Mary provides me with. Another best memory about Queen Mary is working on an open day in 2017 when we started setting up the stalls in very early morning such as 7:30 am. Staff members from Queen Mary were very helpful and motivational, working in the same way as us which gave us a true inspiration that we all are the same and made it very memorable moment of equality.

Biggest challenge

Biggest challenge was my third year project as we had a completely new person in the form of our supervisor in the last and the most important year of our uni. In the start, I was very nervous that what type of personality will he have and how he will guide me and mark my project as this project held a great average percentage in my overall degree. In the first few meetings, it was very Challenging for me to understand what type of research work he is working on. Later on after giving one presentation and submitting first literature review, I found it very interesting and energetic to work with my supervisor on his projects. He had such interesting projects on enamel and teeth. I would say the entire Queen Mary department has such great professors and lecturers working on the worlds most interesting projects. It does get quite challenging in the start to understand their nature of work but once you get a hold of it, you feel very proudly after working on their project as they have the biggest positive impact on the environment.

After graduation

I have a job lined up in Vodafone headquarters in Network engineering and I’m really excited to start it soon.

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