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Hrishav Kumar Das

Male Student Standing in Front of Greenary

Current BSc Economics student Hrishav Kumar Das shares his views on what it is like to study at the School of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary.

The Queen Mary University of London is a fantastic place for higher education in the UK. It is an inclusive community of like-minded students from all around the world, and I personally enjoy the campus-based atmosphere which makes me feel at home. Being an International student from India, coming to London for the very first time was a completely different experience and Queen Mary gave me a very warm welcome which made my transition to University quite easy and comfortable.

I study my Undergraduate degree in Economics offered by the prestigious School of Economics and Finance (SEF) at Queen Mary. The SEF department here at Queen Mary has a very strong reputation and historic roots, that indeed makes it special and unique. The department has promoted the flow of innovative ideas, research and knowledge through interactive Education and always supported me throughout my time here at Queen Mary. I am also the Student Ambassador for the School of Economics and Finance, and it is my absolute honour to represent such a vibrant community.

What do you enjoy most about your course at Queen Mary?

Economics at Queen Mary is a holistic course which includes varied aspects of the subject and I personally like how the course has been designed throughout the three years. From Basic Economic concepts to Advanced Econometrics and Financial Economic modules, it covers a wide range of literature concerning the subject with special emphasis on practical training such as Bloomberg software, Financial trading programme, analysis software, etc. These all on the overall have helped me gain priceless knowledge and wisdom that makes me feel confident and ready for the outside world. There is a great balance of both quantitative and qualitative applications that help reinforce one’s understanding. My affectionate and friendly Professors and faculty members at SEF are always very kind and supportive. They have provided me with multiple opportunities to explore and develop my skills that helps me mature my personality.

I have always been able to find solutions to every problem I faced with support from the SEF office staff members. The department continued to offer its services and educational classes virtually even during the COVID-19 pandemic and they where always beside their students willing to help us in every possible way.

What are your favourite modules at the course so far and why?

I found Econometrics and Capital Markets very interesting and always kept me focussed. These two modules were mostly quantitative and very relevant to the practical world. Econometrics helped me to develop techniques and skills required to support evidences in Economic theory. I love to play around with these tools such as hypothesis tests, statistical significance, etc to find meaningful results from the underlying data. This gives me immense pleasure and happiness when I am able to reach the actual insights. Similarly, Capital Markets which is a financial Economics module taught me the functioning of the financial markets and how assets are valued, traded, etc. I have developed this analytical mindset that benefits my mathematical ability and quantitative reasoning. I seem to have developed strong interest in these subjects and aim to continue further study in the future.

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