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Personal Development and Careers Advice



A University education is about so much more than immersing yourself in the subject you’re passionate about. It’s also where you will grow as a human being and develop into a wise and capable citizen of the world. You will find QMUL the perfect environment in which to develop your skills ready for the world of work. 

Careers Advice

We know that employers agree that History graduates are ideal candidates for successful careers in a range of professions, and our Students begin the training and personal development that makes them such desirable employees as soon as they arrive on campus. The School’s 'History Futures' programme, led by our dedicated Employability Officer,  and our partner Caroline Lisser in the QMUL Careers Service, will guide you towards what you can do to be even more attractive to employers after you graduate. You can meet with your Academic Advisor, Nick and Caroline to explore your potential, plan out your personal goals and work towards realising them.

What's on Offer

From volunteering placements to drop-in sessions on writing a top-notch CV for a part-time job and preparing applications, to opportunities for networking with panels of our successful past students who have gone on to a wide variety of professions, the academic year at QMUL is full of chances to prepare yourself for life after University.

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