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School of History

Past Events

Dr Laura Tisdall celebrating the launch of her book 'A progressive education? How childhood changed in mid-twentieth-century English and Welsh schools' (2019).






4 March 2020: Leo Baeck Institute seminar - Adi Heyman on 'The Big Cover-Up: Modest Fashion'. 

3 March 2020: The Mile End Institute and the UK in a Changing Europe hosted a discussion of '16 years on the road to Brexit', with Gawain Towler, former Head of Press for UKIP and Director of Communications for The Brexit Party. Gawain reflected on a 16-year political journey towards Brexit, in conversation with Dr Robert Saunders, Co-Director of the Mile End Institute and author of the award-winning book Yes to Europe! The 1975 Referendum and Seventies Britain

4 February 2020: Solitudes, Past and Present seminar - Angus Gowland on 'The Solitary Melancholic in European Thought from Antiquity to 1651’.

30 January 2020: Visual and Material Forum - Otto Saumarez Smith on 'Derelict Landscapes and Leisure'.

23 January 2020: Leo Baeck Institute seminar - Professor Kerry Wallach on '"Coming out" as Jewish in Weimar Germany'.

12 December 2019: Visual and Material Culture Forum - Leonie & Carl Gombrich, in conversation with Emilie Oléron Evans.

10 December 2019: Solitudes, Past and Present seminar - Professor Andrea Brady on ‘Hours of Lead: Poetry and Solitude in the Contemporary American Control Prison’.

5 December 2019: Leo Baeck Institute seminar - Professor Henry Bial on 'Jewish on Demand: Representation and Difference in the Streaming Era'.

5 December 2019: Mile End Institute research seminar - 'Adrift? Britain's Global Role Beyond Brexit’.

21 November 2019: Centre for the History of Emotions Annual Lecture with Lyndal Roper

21 November 2019: Launch of Dr David Geiringer's monograph 'The Pope and the Pill: Sex, Catholicism and Women in Post-War England'

12 November 2019Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship scheme workshop for applicants

7 November 2019: Launch of Dr Laura Tisdall's monograph 'A progressive education? How childhood changed in mid-twentieth-century English and Welsh schools'.

6 November 2019Public lecture – Amy Hungerford on ‘Networked Solitude and the Costs of Public Life’

23 May 2019Mile End Institute research seminar - 'Parents, Poverty and the State: Lessons from the Sure Start Programme'

16 May 2019Mile End Institute public forum - 'Who represents London?: Ethnicity, gender and party in local government'

10 April 2019Mile End Institute research seminar - 'Is Corbyn a populist?'